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Christopher’s Corner: “Whitney” Review

whitney poster

Whitney Houston has always been a favorite of mine.  Her powerful voice just goes deep down into my soul and stays around with every run, the bravado just floating about my body.  I basically spent my entire childhood and teenage years obsessing over her every appearance on the American Music Awards, Grammys and the cinema. Get more…

Mixed reaction over Whitney biopic

Whitney biopic reaction

The Whitney Houston biopic, titled Whitney, that aired on Lifetime over the weekend is getting mixed reviews.  The Houston family and estate have slammed the unauthorized documentary produced by Angela Bassett, and fans seem to be shocked at how the film portrayed Whitney Houston’s relationship with Bobby Brown.

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Clive Davis releases memoir, reveals he’s bisexual [video]

Clive Davis bi-now-gay-later program

Music mogul Clive Davis says he is bisexual.

Davis, the chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment, writes in his newly release memoir that he’s been in a “strong monogamous relationship” with a man for the last seven years.

The 80-year-old record executive says he had sex with a man in the 70’s and has had off-and-on relationships with men since, but he has also married two women in the mix.

Clive discussed his entry into the bi-now-gay-later program in this Nightline interview:

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Whitney Houston would have turned 49 today [video]

Happy Birthday Whitney Houston!

GaySocialites.com is remembering legendary entertainer Whitney Houston today.

A talented actress with the voice of an angel, Whitney will never be forgotten despite her battle with the struggles similar to those of every day people.

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Here is the premiere of "Celebrate" by Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks [video]

Here is Whitney Houston’s final song and sneak peak at her fourth and last time on the big screen.

This is the premiere of “Celebrate” by Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks, a track from their upcoming flick, Sparkle.

“Sparkle”, which is scheduled to hit theaters in August, is set in 1976.  Whitney plays the mother of three daughters who rise to fame in the music industry, but face challenges when the family begins to fall apart.  Jordin plays one of her daughters.

In a recent interview with Out Magazine Sparks says although Houston had already passed by the time she first heard the song; Whitney’s enthusiasm shined through her lyrics.

Jordin said, “it was one of those out-of-body experiences because she sounds so happy and you can feel the joy when she’s singing.”

This is the premiere of “Celebrate”, and “Sparkle” is slated to open in  theaters nation wide on August 17th.

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