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Big Brother video: Frankie humps Cody

Big Brother 16: Frankie humps Cody

On Friday night’s episode of Big Brother After Dark, Frankie Grande jumped on top of Cody Calafiore and humped before he pretended to perform oral sex on him.

See how Cody reacted in the video here:

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Justin Bieber strips down at Fashion Rocks [video]

Justin Bieber strips at Fashion Rocks

Justin Bieber stripped down to his underwear during Tuesday night’s live broadcast of “Fashion Rocks.”  Bieber started out in a blazer and slacks, but he decided to strip one layer at a time until he was wearing nothing but his boxer briefs as he introduced a performer on the program with model Lara Stone.  We’ve even got the video, in case you missed it.

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Nick Jonas takes over BPM in NYC

Nick Jonas shows off his muscles at Gay College Tuesdays at BPM in New York City.

Nick Jonas is making the rounds hitting up New York City’s hottest gay clubs to promote his new single “Jealous.”  On Tuesday night, Jonas made an appearance at Steve Sidewalk and Dougie Meyer’s Gay College Tuesdays at BPM.

New York City’s gays welcomed Nick with open arms as he hopped on the bar with host Dougie Meyer and a few of the Gay College Tuesdays’ go-go boys ripping off his shirt and striking a pose for the crowd.  BPM was packed and according to some who didn’t make it inside, they were even forced to turn away late-comers at the door.

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GOP Senate candidate Monica Wehby comes out for gay marriage

Oregon Republican Monica Wehby gay marriage ad

In a new television commercial, a GOP Senate candidate from Oregon is coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. Dr. Monica Wehby released an ad Tuesday in which stands up for the gay plaintiffs who have sued the state over its gay marriage ban.

You can watch the ad for Monica Wehby’s Senate campaign here:

Wehby debuted the on Politico.com before it hit the airwaves Tuesday.

She told the website,

“My opponent keeps trying to paint me as an extreme right-wing Republican, and that’s actually not who I am,” she said in a phone interview. “I’m a very independent-minded person, like our state. I’ve always felt government should stay out of it. This isn’t a change in thought for me at all.”

The man who appears in the ad with Dr. Wehby is Ben West, a plaintiff in the lawsuit that successfully struck down the Oregon gay marriage ban earlier this year.

Check out “Let the Girl Go: Free Lolita” by Robbyne Kaamil [video]

Let the girl go free lolita by Robbyne Kaamil

Our girl Robbyne Kaamil, who many of you may know from The Buzz on GaySocialites.com, is picking up international recognition for her latest single, “Let the Girl Go: Free Lolita.”

“Let the Girl Go: Free Lolita” is a great song for a great cause!  Information on how to download the song is below, but first you MUST check out the music video for “Let the Girl Go: Free Lolita” here:

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