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Utah, Nevada legalize gay marriage

Gay Marriage legal in Nevada and Idaho.

Gay marriage is sweeping across the country following a decision by the United States Supreme Court not to hear any appeals that shot down gay marriage bans in the 4th Circuit Court.  Now, gay couples in Utah and Nevada have the green light to legally tie the knot after a judge blocked the states from performing same-sex marriages earlier in the week.

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Supreme Court won’t rule, five states get gay marriage

Supreme Court won't rule on gay marriage bans lifted in several states.

The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday that they will not hear cases in Oklahaoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana that seek to keep their gay marriage bans in place.  That means gay couples will now be able to marry legally in those five states, and even more could soon follow.

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Utah Governor makes controversial remarks on same sex marriage

Utah Governor makes controversial remarks on gay marriage.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert is being asked to apologize by a gay right’s group following some remarks he made about homosexuality.   Herbert recently said  homosexuality is a choice and criticized decisions by other state leaders to not defend same-sex marriage bans calling the gay marriage movement the “next step to anarchy.”

According to the Associated Press,

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Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Bill Passes in Utah


Students  in Utah might be having sex with each other but they will not be able to learn about safety precautions or even utter the word “homosexuality” because the state’s Senate has passed a bill which allows schools to drop sex education.  According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Senate bill HB363 19-10 was favored by so many senators because they believe that sex is something that should be discussed at home and not in an educational setting.  Republican state Sen. Stuart Reid said during the debate the following:

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Tracy Morgan hospitalized at Sundance

Tracy Morgan was hospitalized over the weekend while attending the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.  He evidently collapsed, became unconscious and was transported to Park City Medical Center.

TMZ is reporting that the 30 Rock star, who was at Sundance to accept to be honored with an award at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards, seemed disoriented during his acceptance speech.

Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that he seemed uncontrollable before accepting the Initiative Award.  They said he was yelling and falling to the ground repetitively.

A hospital rep, however, said that there were no drugs or alcohol found in Morgan’s system when he arrived at the hospital.  A spokesperson for Morgan also said he had no reason to believe that the actor had been drinking or doing drugs while at the film festival.

Morgan previously received a kidney transplant.  He was also in the news more recently for going on a homosexual rant in which he said he would kill his own child if they admitted to being gay.  He has since apologized on it, and it was the story line on a recent 30 Rock episode.


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