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Big Brother Round Table- Weeks 3 and 4

Big Brother Round Table

It is that time of week again, folks!  I’ve once gathered GaySocialites.com’s Big Brother super fans to discuss our thoughts on the third and fourth weeks of Big Brother 17 on CBS.  A lot has happened since Charles Winters and Cody White last joined me to weigh in on the season, so we’re mixing up the format a little bit.

Let’s eavesdrop on our panelists as they discuss Big Brother 17. (Okay, so it’s a transcript you’ll be reading, but I couldn’t pass up on a chance to poke fun at Julie Chen!

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Daily Dapper: The Boy Wonder Stole My Heart… and Crushed It!

I’ll admit it. One of my first crushes was on a prissy boy in tights. Rewind to the early 1990’s when I was just a little dapper and after school specials ruled television along with Nickelodeon. Sure, I used to watch them but what really excited me were the reruns of the original mid-1960’s Batman TV show. The one that stole my heart was the Boy Wonder himself, Robin… or Dick as he was called outside of his ‘look’.

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Cher tells DWTS: "Suck It"


So last night,  Chaz Bono was shown the door on Dancing with the Stars, which is kind of sad because we here at GaySocialites, liked him, but at the same time, he wasn’t exactly the best dancer in the world. Anyways, Cher didn’t appreciate it and proceeded to pull out a doll and point to which parts of her ass they could kiss.

The following was on Cher’s Twitter Page: @Cher: But your mom “could cut a bitch” ! Thank u Carrie Ann 4 your Gentility u r beautiful inside & out ! To the Gentleman?I didn’t know who u We’re b4 which I guess is a blessing ! Going Home is Fine but why insult him b4 he Goes! Maybe Rudeness & Flapping Arms take the place of TALENT ! As for the Older Gentleman ….every Show Needs A Grumpy Old Man!

Looks like Cher has some choice words for the Judges, and looks like it just may not be done just yet.. Keep it tuned here at GaySocialites for more!


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