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Daily Dapper: Happy Memorial Day Weekend (Events)

If you’re in search of some unique fabulousness this Memorial Day weekend, there are an assortment of events to attend and get wild at. I will spotlight just two this Sunday. First up, we have the return of Lee Chappell‘s infamous DR!P party this time taking the action from one island to another. Fire Island Pines shall play host to this insanely wet pool party. Rest assured my partner in crime and editor, Demanda Dahling, and me will surely be jumping in the pool to join any other psychopaths who decide to let loose.
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"City Nights" finds itself at 'This Ambitious Show'

Tucked away on a side street close to Metropolitan Avenue in an industrial section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn there lies a building that goes by the name of The House of Yes. While seemingly donning a name of an everything-goes speak-easy, this spot was home to an event presented by Lady Circus and This Ambitious Orchestra on Friday night: This Ambitious Show. If one is unfamiliar with such an event it could be labeled anything from a music revue to an acrobatics event and everything in between. One of the most enjoyable points of the night was I got “Doris Day-type parking.” That’s right… across the street. Another bonus for the venue is that you can pretty much bring in anything you want in regards to alcohol. Just be polite; let them know at the door and toss your bartender a few extra bucks for a tip. Don’t be such a cheapie, queen.
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Demanda Endorses: A Pretty Night for Pretty Things

Leave it to nightlife legend Michael T to throw a MLK Weekend party in tribute to the two kings in his life–Elvis Presley and David Bowie. That’s right, it’s what he describes as a “birthday bacchanalia for rock’s two greatest capricorns.”  And ladies and gentlemen, I couldn’t agree more.  First, the fact he describes his party using the alliterative “birthday bacchanalia” puts a little tingle in my flower.  Secondly, a Bacchanalia is the only way to accurately describe his  holiday weekend spectaculars, known by the most appropriate name, Oh! You Pretty Things.  What him and co-producers Twig the Wonderkid, Ben Ickies and Laura Rebel-Angel present is not just a party, but an experience.  And it’s a fucking fun one at that.
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