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It’s Christmas Time in the City: Knoxville edition


Christmas Time in the CIty Knoxville Feature

Even if you don’t live near or in a big city, you have a city near you that is decked out for the holidays. I encourage everyone to visit “the city” during the Christmas Holidays. It is a great opportunity to support your local businesses and charities.

This week my husband and I dressed up a little bit (well at least I did) and went into the city to see “It’s a wonderful life” on the big screen in an old historical theater, the Tennessee Theatre, located in nearby Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Coming Up Friday on GaySocialites.com: Coverage You Can Count On!

Coverage You Can Count On Friday at GaySocialites.com includes a follow-up on the recent gay bashing at YOTEL New York.  Find out why nightlife personality Jamie Ranieri won’t return to trending hotel and bar.

Friday at GaySocialites.com Ranieri won't return to YOTEL


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Transgender Remembrance Day set for Sunday, events make memories while petition pledges hope

On Sunday, November 20th, people world-wide will remember victims of transgender fear, bigotry and hatred for the 13th annual Transgender Remembrance Day.

Many cities have events planned ranging from Canada to Australia including several rallies across the United States.  You’ll find a full list of events listed here.

There is a petition to support transgender equality on the GLSEN website.  By signing, you can share your commitment to helping keep transgender and gender nonconforming youth safe and respected in school.

During the week leading up to Transgender Remembrance Day on November 20th, GaySocialites.com will feature special transgender coverage that includes editorials from our Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Bistritz, as well as an “I Heard…” scoop from yours truly about a transgender author who claims LL Cool J is trying to kill her.  In addition, we’ll also have guest editorials by recording artist Dina Marie and nightlife personality Tiana Reeves.  Then on Sunday, a new weekly columnist will make his debut as the first transgender man to join the GaySocialites.com team.

We hope you’ll join us this week as we draw attention to transgender awareness.

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