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'Sir Richard's Condoms' (Making You Feel Less Guilty about Hooking Up with "What's His Face")

What could be more fun and rewarding about feeling guilty about the sexual act? Unless you’re a fallen Catholic like myself and you get kicks out of that sort of thing, here’s a damn good reason to start feeling a whole lot better about that walk of shame. Turns out a young entrepreneur by the name of Mathew Gerson had an idea after putting the teachings of Buddhism (“just be good to each other and don’t be a dick”) into action when he founded Sir Richard’s Condoms. For every condom sold the company in turn would donate one condom to a third world country where the health care system is… well, less than stellar. After receiving enough financial backing, this young man went into business and decided to spread the good-doing word on a bitchin’ 1971 VW bus. Not to mention they come in a variety of four different sizes and pleasures; Extra Large, Ultra Thin, Classic Ribbed, and Pleasure Dots.
Now, I’m normally very judgmental when it comes to picking out a condom. Packaging can either make or break the deal for me. (I’m sorry, but what am I going to do with that ghetto looking thing? I don’t trust it.) Let’s say that it’s quite possibly one of the best damn looking condom wrappers I’ve ever seen and that’s comparing it to the unique and eye-popping campaign used for those free condoms you’re always stuffing in your pockets. (“NYC Subway” condoms, anyone?) Plaid, that’s it. I have enough plaid in my wardrobe to rival that of a lesbian and now it adorns the wrappers of Sir Richard’s Condoms.
If you’re wondering where the “review” for these condoms is I have to break it to you now, I haven’t done a test run with them yet–although I was nearly coerced last night. Either way, a bonus thrown in by Sir Richard’s Condoms is that readers of GaySocialites can get a discount on a nice handful. (Don’t be so cheap, Mary.) So, go on and have a ball getting your rocks off with a lot less guilt… or just ignore the goodwill of the company altogether if that’s your shtick. (Hell, I don’t know what some of you guys are into anymore!)
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