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Lesbian couple found shot in Texas, one dead as the other recovers

Police are looking for those involved in the shooting of a young lesbian couple in Texas. Mollie Judith Olgin (19) and Mary Christine Chopa (18) were found in a South Texas park laying in knee deep grass on Saturday.

Local residents say they heard gun shots in the area just before midnight on Friday, but they didn’t alert authorities assuming the noise came from fireworks.

Olgin died from injuries related to the shooting before cops made it to her. Chopa was rushed to a local hospital where she remains in serious but stable condition.

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Occupy Wallstreet protesters forced into the street as Zuccotti Park evictions turned into riots

In the most dramtic scene of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration so far, NYPD officers raided Zuccotti park over night and forced some protesters out of the area so that the grounds could be cleaned.

Some of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who have been camping out in Lower Manhattan for the last two month left peacefully while others tried to chain themselves to trees and tents they had assembled in the park.

Cops evidently warned started the protestors in advance that they had to leave the park and that they should take their items with them so that the park could be cleaned.  Those who refused, resisted or retaliated were arrested.  In all nearly 200 Occupy Wall Street participants were locked up over night.

One demonstrator said the Occupy Wall Street participants “had time to get their items out, some people just didn’t do so.”

Police moved in to push the protestors out just after 1am.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg evidently sent out orders to make all of the protesters leave Zucotti Park so that the area could be professionally cleaned for the first time in months.

GaySocialites.com was on the scene, and our viewers were able to watch live here and at queerplanet.net.

Authorities said protestors would be allowed to return after the park was cleaned, however they would not he allowed to bring in tarps, tents or sleeping bags.  At a press conference on Tuesday morning, Mayor Bloomberg said that a judge had evidenly issued a restraining order to keep protesters out.  As a result, protesters weren’t immediately able to return the park.

Mayor Bloomberg also said that anyone who left anything inside the part could go to the city’s sanitation storage facility where they will be given the chance to sift through the garbage trucks that were used while cleaning the park.  There were evidently 10 trucks in total needed to get the job done.

NY Gay Couple Attacked Outside Local Bar!


A gay couple in Newburgh, New York was allegedly attacked by a group of women as they were leaving a bar.

The couple – David Ludwig and John Delk – were getting drinks at a local bar when a patron seemingly noticed Ludwig’s hand on Delk’s wrist.  According to the Times Herald-Record, the patron approached the couple and told them that it wasn’t a gay bar and that they should leave.

The couple refused but left when they finished their drinks. On their way out, a group of women confronted them, calling out, “You’re gay!” according to Ludwig.  The women then closed in on the couple and pinned them against the car, throwing punches until Ludwig broke free and called the police.

Delk ran off in the other direction. Ludwig said that the police mocked him when he said that women had attacked him, and drove off when he had gone to look for Delk.

The police are now investigating the attack as a hate crime.

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