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MCM: Model River Viiperi


River Viiperi shirtless

If you’re looking for a model to fall head-over-heals for, then River Viiperi is your man!  Not only is he beautiful, but River adores his fans making sure to interact with them on social media every chance he gets.  If you think this picture of Viiperi is hot, then keep reading… we’ve got some even hotter ones coming up.

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Inwood’s Hump Gay Night Hotspot at Skyline

Last week I decided to go a little adventure, by that I mean off my usual beaten path. Get more…

Gay photo wins World Photo Contest

58th World Press Photo contest photo of Russian gay couple wins

Danish photographer Mads Nissen is the winner of the 58th World Press Photo Contest with this picture of a Russian gay couple during an intimate moment in St. Petersburg.

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It’s Christmas Time on the Upper East Side [photos]


Christmas Time on the Upper East Side by GaySocialites.com

GaySocialites.com‘s consumer expert, Donna Winters, challenged us all to get out and enjoy Christmas Time in the City.  Late last week, Charles Winters took us on a tour of the holiday decor that Lower Manhattan had to offer.  Now that I’m back in New York City for Winter break, I wanted to take you on a tour of my neighbor- Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

That’s my building above.  They always go all out with the Christmas Decorations.  We’ve got wreaths and flowers all throughout the lobby as well as more Christmas trees than you can count, including this one above the front doorway.

Here are some more pictures of Christmas decorations on Manhattan’s Upper East Side:

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Christmas Time in Lower Manhattan [photos]


NYSE Christmas Tree

GaySocialites.com’s consumer expert Donna Winters challenged us all earlier this week to get out and see the Christmas Time in the City as she took us on a tour of what Knoxville, Tennessee had to offer this holiday season!  That’s why I decided to get out and explore my neighborhood of Lower Manhattan to check out what is going on this Holiday Season.  Above and below are pictures of the giant Christmas Tree at the New York Stock Exchange.

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