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Daily Dapper: Ladyfag's New Party Not A Surprise!

Feeling the itch to try something new this past Sunday night, I excitedly decided to head to Manhattan along with Isis Vermouth to check out Ladyfag’s new party, Surprise!, at Gunbar at 55 Gansevoort. Arriving shortly after one, I realized I hadn’t stepped foot in this building for almost a year since Tommy Hottpants had a gig here and was thrilled to see what was new with the place. Paying the $5 cover, we headed inside to the dark, dank dungeon of a party house.

Taking a quick peek around proved that nothing had really changed except for the fact that the drinks got more expensive ($10-13 a pop). Our DJs that evening were Nita Aviance and Jools Palmer who did quite the job in distracting me from just how lacking the event was. Normally flocking to a new event where I barely know anyone, I discovered that Surprise! was just more rehashed NYC nightlife and not even in a new location to boot. The creativity and originality of the party was lacking entirely.

The crowd did pay off though as guys and girls (straight and gay) mingled on the dance floor and we even had the chance to run into Milan who is always such a sweetheart when talking to anyone. Would I visit again? Sure, just kick it up a notch or two… or ten.

Underground Thursday: "L'amore è femmina (Out of Love)" by Nina Zilli

Tomorrow night, Friday, July 27, I will be DJing at the Lush & Lively cocktail hour at the Time Out New York Lounge at New World Stages 340 West 50th Street (between 8th & 9th Ave) from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The music emphasizes horns and strings, so there will be jazz (classic and “nu”), latin, international orchestral and big band pop (like this groovy Italian Eurovision entry) and – of course – lots and lots of disco. The Cosmo special is only $3 from 6:30PM to 7:00 PM, and there are $5 drink specials until 9:00 PM.
Find the Nina Zilli video below.

Last night with DexStar G / 7.18

Capturing last night one click at a time

Cabaret Review: Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman, one of the city’s best comic singing actresses, creates cabaret acts that tell hilarious self-deprecating tales about the sad state of her career. It really doesn’t matter if she’s actually doing fine career-wise, she always manages to find the wickedly funny downside. The first number in her act at 54 Below – which actually opened the space two days before Patti LuPone, she hastens to point out – is punningly called “Bottom” and sarcastically celebrates climbing her way up to the basement (of Studio 54).

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Daily Dapper: Hipsters Party Hard On the Rooftop


Stumbling home off the L in Bushwick two weekends ago, I was surprisingly sober (for the most part) until I got to my apartment. I live on the third floor of a converted factory and all is quiet for the most part. Nobody in my building pays any mind to each other and it feels like one giant soulless hole filled with individuals who do not acknowledge reality. Upon unlocking the door I was hit with a giant bass thump. “What the hell was that,” I thought. Just then my doorbell rings. Get more…

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