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Philadelphia gay bar Venture Inn exposes cheating drag queen on Food Network show

Philadelphia gay bar Venture Inn cheating drag queen Bridgette Jones Food Network

The Food Network took their show “Mystery Diners” to Philadelphia this week for an undercover investigation at a local gay bar called Venture Inn.

“Mystery Diners” is a show that focuses on Charles Stiles and his company known for wiring restaurants with video and audio equipment to get to the bottom of wrong doings.  For this episode titled, “What a Drag”, Venture Inn’s owner Bob Berkowitz brought “Mystery Diners” in to see if someone was rigging his weekly trivia contest  called Kinky Quizzo.  Bob got suspicious that members of his staff might be cheating after local drag queen Bridgette Jones won the contest ten times in-a-row, and customers were threatening to boycott if she kept sailing to victory.  After all, the contestants pay $25 each to play and the cash prize is generally $500-$1000.

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Group petitions for repeal of 1926 law that restricts dancing in NYC

petition to repeal nyc cabaret laws

A group called Freedom2Dance is circulating a petition to legalize dancing in NYC without requiring business owners to obtain a cabaret license.

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Mary J. Blige performs at White Party [video]

Mary J. Blige took the stage on Saturday night as the headline act at the 2012 White Party in Palm Springs, California.

Let’s kick off Music Monday this week with a triple play.  Check out these amateur  videos show on Saturday night as Mary J. Blige performs “Just Fine”, “Ain’t Nobody” and “No Drama” in that order below:

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Christopher's Corner: Club Xstatic Brings The Heat!


There is a place in Springfield, Massachusetts I call my Wonderland but some would see as trashy and seedy: beautiful male bodies, full of muscle, pulsating to the latest club anthems.  As they take control of the pole, they look like rhythmic gymnastic  dancers.  They slide all the way up, twirl all the way around, and come down with ease.  All with a booty pop included!  This is 0ne of the many sights to behold at Xstatic,  an all nude male dance club.  Some of the sexiest men I have ever encountered in my life have shaken what their Daddy gave them and they do it seven nights a week!
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I heard… Its already out with the old and in with the new at XL Nightclub in NYC

I heard… An ear full of gossip from multiple sources about the second coming of nightlife God, John Blair, and his bran new XL nightclub in Times Square underneath the new Out NYC Urban Resort.  I’m gonna dish out a heaping helping of the scoop, but I’m not one to repeat for gossip… so you better listen close the first time.

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