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Court strikes down Uganda anti-gay law

Court strikes down uganda anti-gay law

On Friday, a court struck down Uganda’s anti-gay law.  As GaySocialites.com previously reported, a group of activists requested that a court overturn the anti-gay laws earlier this week.  Although those who opposed the anti-gay laws are claiming victory now, this doesn’t prevent similar legislation in the future.

According to the Associated Press,

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Group petitions Uganda anti-gay laws

Activists hope to overturn Uganda's anti-gay laws

[Photo via GLAAD.org.]

Judges in Uganda were presented with a petition presented by activists this week to overturn strict anti-gay laws.  They postponed the hearings, but a ruling could come by the end of the week.

According to the AFP:

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Church fires gay employee over wedding

Gay Illinois church leader fired over plans to  marry another man.

After serving as the longtime music director at Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, Illinois (pictured above); Colin Collette says he was fired when he started planning his wedding to another man.  Collette says church leaders knew he was gay, but they suddenly ousted him when he announced his engagement on Facebook.

Collette, told the Chicago Tribune,

“This has not been a secret,” said Collette.  “My partner has read for the church at Mass. … We have been living together for five years.”

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Court rules Virginia gay marriage ban unconstitutional

Virginia is for all lovers.

A federal appeals court has ruled that Virginia’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional upholding a decision by a lower court, and same-sex couples could be walking down the aisle by the end of August.

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Colorado Judge strikes gay marriage ban

judge rules colorado gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A Judge has ruled that the ban on gay marriage in Colorado is unconstitutional, but same-sex couples won’t be tying the knot right away right away.

The Associated Press reports,

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