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SCOTUS lifts stay on Kansas gay marriage

Supreme Court won't rule on gay marriage bans lifted in several states.

The Supreme Court of the United States has lifted a stay on a decision that was preventing gay marriages to be performed legally in Kansas.  That makes the state the 33rd in America to allow same-sex couples to legally obtain marriage licenses.

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Ohio State student’s tweet goes viral after gay bashing

Ohio State viral tweet to gay bashers

Cole Ledford, a 20 year-old-junior at Ohio State University posted this on twitter after he was sucker punched by a gay basher who didn’t like the fact that he kissed his boyfriend in public near campus on November 6th.

Ledford also posted the photo below of his swollen, bruised face after he was attacked and now the tweet has gone viral making Ledford a gay rights activist.

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South Carolina Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

south carolina gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A judge has ruled that the South Carolina gay marriage ban is unconstitutional, but same-sex couples can’t immediately start getting married.

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Jonathan Warman to direct NAFTA comedy “Quit the Road, Jack”


In March 2015, Gay Socialites contributor Jonathan Warman will be directing Jerry Polner’s new comedy Quit the Road, Jack. It’s a comedy about NAFTA! But it’s actually about a divorced and miserable couple of burnt-out ex-musicians whose 16-year-old son runs away from home. Somehow, the son gets involved in the immigrant worker rights movement. He sends cryptic notes back to his parents, telling them what losers they are and giving them just enough information to make them think they can find him. Mom and Dad can’t stomach each other, but neither trusts the other one to find Jack, and so they’re forced to travel across North America together in search of their son.

For more about Jonathan Warman’s directing work, see jonathanwarman.com.

New states vote to legalize marijuana

states vote to legalize marijuana

While the Republican take-over of the United States Senate was stealing all of the headlines following the 2014 mid-term elections, residents in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC voted to legalize marijuana.

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