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Gay marriage ban leads in NC polls

North Carolina gay marriage ban likely

It looks like North Carolina will be the next state to ban gay marriage, according to the Public Policy Polling in Raleigh.

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Will the GOP pack start thining out if Mitt Romney makes it three-for-three in South Carolina?

Mitt Romney picked up his second win in the race for the Republican primary this finishing first ahead of Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman Jr. who finished second and third respectively. With Paul and Huntsman faring so well, New Hampshire could have changed the landscape of the GOP primary.

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, who have each been considered as pack leaders at least once throughout the campaign, didn’t fare as well as polls showed going into New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday.

South Carolina is the next state to weigh in, and many high profile Republicans say they will call on the packed crowd to concede to Romney if he goes three-for-three.

Romeny and Gingrich both contend that they are the only candidate who can stop Barack Obama’s bid for re-election. Dr. Paul repetitively says he’s scary. His strategy seems to be working. Not only did he land a second place finish in New Hampshire, but he’s also getting lots of face time on TV.

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