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Theatre Review: “Dinner With Friends”

Dinner With Friends Pettie, Shamos 9457

Oy, it’s like “Heteros in the Mist”! Okay, I’m kinda kidding, Dinner with Friends does depict straight married couples with a great deal of insight and sensitivity. And there are a few things in this vivid portrait that ring true for long-term gay relationships and marriages. But a lot of it is mostly of, well, anthropological interest to me – I feel like a gay Jane Goodall…

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Cabaret Review: Nellie McKay


Nellie McKay is a supreme stylist, with broad, substantial musical intelligence behind every single flourish. She combines heart-on-sleeve sincerity with supremely arch, dry wit; she’s utterly unique, her performance style multifarious and unpredictable, drawing ideas from extremely diverse eras and genres.

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Theatre Review: “Bronx Bombers”

Bronx BombersCircle in the Square Theatre

Playwright Eric Simonson has a real gift for bringing out the human side of sports stories. With Bronx Bombers he completes what could be thought of as a Major American Sports Trilogy: he covered football with the 2010 Lombardi, basketball with the 2012 Magic/Bird and now finally baseball – in the persons of the New York Yankees – gets its inning with Bombers.

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Theatre Review: “The Tribute Artist”


Charles Busch is definitely on a roll. While the hilarious Tribute Artist isn’t the non-stop laugh riot that The Divine Sister was, it’s not far behind it in terms of total laughs, and it’s arguably his best drawing-room comedy to date – and, yes, that means I’m saying it’s at least as good as his Broadway hit Tale of the Allergist’s Wife. I really enjoyed it!

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Fight Against Child Trafficking this Fashion Week

NYC Fashion week is just a week a way and while you may already be excited about certain specific shows or designers, there is a fun and exciting event coming up that also hopes to do some good.

The Set NYC Fashion Week

The Set NYC put this event together as a way to raise money for Love 146 and to spread awareness about child trafficking.  The Set NYC works with talent from American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, Ford Models, Topman/Topshop, Michael Kors, MTV, Lifetime TV, VH1, Universal, Memphis Bleek Get Low Records and others with an aim of getting others involved in various causes, raising money for research, etc.

Below I have an interview with one of the organizers of the event, Anoush Froundjian, who will give us more information about The Set and what they have planned for you this fashion week.  First, however, I want to give you some information on Love 146.

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