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Death of transgendered NYC woman being looked at as possible hate crime

Transgendered woman attacked in NYC dies, cops investigate as possible anit-LGBT attack

A transgendered woman, who was attacked by a group of men in New York City last weekend has died, and now cops say they are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

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Theatre Review: “First Date”

Theater-Krysta Rodriguez

At it’s best, this show is as funny and charming as a well written (if not particularly insightful) sitcom episode. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a snob, I actually mean that as a compliment, doing that style really well isn’t easy. At its worst, though, the show is borderline offensive, and not in a focused and edgy Sacha Baron Cohen way, just in a muddled, tacky and unimaginative way.

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Gay Bias Attack in Chelsea



Two gay men were attacked in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan Tuesday night. Police are investigating it as a hate crime. No arrests have been made.

The men were walking on 9th avenue near 24th street holding hands when two other men approached shouting anti-gay epithets. An exchange of words soon escalated to a beating, with four more bashers joining the fray.  The attackers are described as a group of younger kids.

One victim was knocked to the ground, kicked, and punched, causing injuries that required numerous stitches. The other victim suffered facial lacerations and bruises. Both were treated and released at Beth Israel Medical Center.

According to the NYPD, crimes against the LGBT community are up 70% over last year, despite an overall drop in violent crime citywide.

Theatre Review: “The Orion Experience”

Orion Experience

Resistance is futile. This show is so joyously silly, musically energetic and visually overpowering that it is impossible not to have a good time.

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Cabaret Review: “Tales of Joni”

Tales of Joni_Mitchell-Blue

This is a very pleasant evening of the music of singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, sung by a diverse cast of cabaret and musical theatre singers. I was drawn to see Tales of Joni because of Heather MacCrae and Lisa Asher – I’ve seen MacCrae live before and heard recordings by Asher. And indeed many of the brightest highlights of the evening do come from these two. Asher shines singing Joni’s hits, including a country-tinged “Raised on Robbery” and a very thoughtful and measured “Both Sides Now”.

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