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Gay Syrian Refugee Calls UN Security Council To Act Against ISIS

Gay Syrian refugee Subhi Nahas speaks at a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, August 24, 2015. Earlier Nahas and other gay rights activists addressed the United Nations Security Council during an informal meeting on the persecution of LGBT people by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.  REUTERS/Mike Segar

Syrian gay activist Subhi Nahas addressed the United Nations Security Council during an informal meeting on the persecution of LGBT people by ISIS. Find the full story at Newsweek, the text of Nahas’s address here, and additional thoughts from him at Huffington Post.

Rentboy.com busted!


Rentboy.com CEO Jeffrey Hurant and six others appeared in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon on charges of promoting prostitution. Full story at the New York Times

Theatre Review: “Drop Dead Perfect”

Drop Dead Perfect Naked Jason

Well, this is fun! Drop Dead Perfect may not be the most substantial show ever to pay homage to “Ridiculous theatre”, but it is undeniably frisky and entertaining. It doesn’t hurt that it stars Everett Quinton, the greatest living actor in the Ridiculous tradition (and among the very best in any tradition, as far as I’m concerned).

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Jonathan Warman to direct opera: “Goyescas”


This fall GaySocialites contributor Jonathan Warman will be directing Enrique Granados’s opera Goyescas with an exciting new opera company Bare Opera. The story of Goyescas is based on a series of six paintings from Francisco Goya’s early career, inspired by the young men and women of the majismo movement. These majos and majas are known for their bohemian attitude and stylish dress.

Bare Opera is an alternative opera company in New York City with a fresh, modern take on the opera experience. They believe that the bare essence of opera is the magical experience created through different art forms coming together. Bare Opera brings this collaborative spirit to the 21st century through innovative cross-arts productions.

Bare Opera cares deeply about the future of opera and believes that there’s an immense need for innovation in the art form to bring in new audiences. They strive to break the stereotypes around opera and create a casual and intimate experience in unusual spaces like art galleries and warehouses. By promoting emerging artists and unique cross-genre collaborations, Bare Opera hopes to be an active agent of change in the cultural landscape of opera and classical music, helping to create a sustainable future for the art form. More about them at their website here.

To learn about Jonathan Warman’s directing work, see jonathanwarman.com.

Theatre Review: “The New York Story”

Colin Quinn TNYS+crate2

Colin Quinn is one of the better comics doing political satire – he communicates highly complicated ideas through the most mundane and absurdly funny examples. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his previous shows Long Story Short and Unconstitutional, which brought enormous issues wittily down to a comprehensible human scale. So I got excited when I heard about this new show about the the history of New York.

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