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Cabaret Review: Sutton Foster

267794 - Kaylynn Mayo

Sutton Foster is a character actress in an ingenue’s body, with the vocal chops of a classic musical comedy leading lady. In her latest Cafe Carlyle show, Foster performs an eclectic evening of standards, pop and Broadway, and also tries out various songs she’s considering for an upcoming album. She uses her comedy skills with great intelligence, especially in Christine Lavin’s risque “Air Conditioner,” enumerating all the potential lover’s aspects that don’t matter as long as he has the title appliance.

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2013 Glam Award Nominee Announcement Party

2013 Glam Award Nominee Party

The nominees for the 2013 Glam Awards will be announced on Tuesday, September 17th at WestWay during the WestGay party.

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Charles On… New York City’s race for Mayor

Charles On the NYC Mayor's Race

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what my thoughts are on Tuesday night’s primary results in the New York City Mayor’s Race.  It’s no secret that my support was with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  GaySocialites.com even endorsed her in the Democratic Primary. So, needless to say, I was disappointed to see Quinn finish in third place.

Although disappointed that Chris won’t be elected Mayor this November, I am proud of the campaign she ran.  At one point, she was the front-runner and poised to become New York City’s first openly gay and first female Mayor.  We won’t get to see either of those qualities in the next Mayor, but I have to commend the Quinn campaign for all they added to the race.  I hope her success paves the path for other openly gay candidates and for other women to seek the city’s highest office in future races.  I didn’t support Chris just because she is gay.  Her platform and achievements aligned more closely with my ideas and vision for the city than any of the others did.  I also admire her track record.  She may have gotten a bad wrap for being to tied to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but I saw a different relationship.  I saw one that worked well by not always taking their problems to the media instead allowing the courts to solve major disputes.   I hope the next Mayor and the next Speaker of the City Council will uphold that same type of integrity.  Having said that, now I’m on the search for the candidate with the best vision for the city as I see it.

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Nominees for 2013 Glam Awards for Best Video leaked

Nominees for 2013 Glam Awards Best Video leaked


On Wednesday night, Glam Award coordinator Cherry Jubilee leaked the nominees for Best Video in the 2013 Glam Awards.

The nominees for ‘Best Video’ are…

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de Blasio may avoid run-off in NYC Democratic primary


Will NYC Democrats have a run off for mayor?

As the polls indicated, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio had a great turn-out in Tuesday’s Democratic primary putting him in the top position as the results rolled in on Tuesday night.  Now the big question is, will he have a run-off with former Comptroller Bill Thompson?  de Blasio is pushing the 40 percent mark, but it is too close to call and may not be determined this week.

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