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de Blasio takes the lead in NYC Democratic primary for Mayor

de Blasio takes the lead in NYC Mayors Race

In a dramatic turn of events, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has taken the lead in the latest New York City Democratic primary for Mayor with 30 percent of likely voters compared to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn who came in at 24 percent, according to the latest poll.

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Theatre Review: “The Orion Experience”

Orion Experience

Resistance is futile. This show is so joyously silly, musically energetic and visually overpowering that it is impossible not to have a good time.

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I’m just saying… Life’s a drag

I'm Just Saying Lifes a drag

Oh, how exciting it all is to live in New York Fucking City! Every day is an adventure here because you never know what might transpire–randomly running into celebrities or, even more exciting, running into the crazies who talk to themselves. Seriously think about it, the only time anyone can say that their life in NYC is boring is if they do absolutely nothing at all, and said nothing is in the confines of their clearly dreadful apartment….I’m just saying! Life is meant to be lived and boy, did we pick a city to live it in!

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Cabaret Review: “Tales of Joni”

Tales of Joni_Mitchell-Blue

This is a very pleasant evening of the music of singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, sung by a diverse cast of cabaret and musical theatre singers. I was drawn to see Tales of Joni because of Heather MacCrae and Lisa Asher – I’ve seen MacCrae live before and heard recordings by Asher. And indeed many of the brightest highlights of the evening do come from these two. Asher shines singing Joni’s hits, including a country-tinged “Raised on Robbery” and a very thoughtful and measured “Both Sides Now”.

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Quinn still on top as Weiner fall to 4th in latest NYC mayor’s poll

Quinn stays at top of the pack in NYC Mayor's race

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn remains at the front of the pack as Anthony Weiner seems to be ground in Democratic primary for NYC Mayor.

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