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Lady Gaga goes Private but Public on Tumblr


Lady Gaga has never been one to keep things private from her little monsters, so that’s why we’re not shocked that she posted a photo of herself in the latrine on her brand new Tumblr blog. At least she’s not actually “using” the facilities! Toilet chic is what Gaga is going for and while it’s unorthodox like the singer herself, it’s not as questionable as it might seem.

Gaga’s marine blue armpit hair from the MuchMusic Awards makes a reprise, as she holds her arm over her head. Her other hand is in more precarious spot, touching herself below the belt. She’s only PG-rated there, if you catch our drift.

Gaga’s also wearing a black bra and her hair in a turquoise blunt bob with bangs. She’s obviously in a hotel bathroom, since there’s a phone in it and she is racing around the globe promoting ‘Born This Way.’ Overall, though, she looks ghetto fabulous and dirty glam.

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