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Demanda Endorses: Two for the Price of None

The only thing I like better than a party is a new party. And the only thing I like better than a new party is 2 new parties. So I’m sure you can imagine that I’m a little weak in the knees over promoter Nathan Kelly and his new Invasion Thursdays at Bar 13. I haven’t known Nathan for long but have run into him on numerous occasions, most recently at his Play Hard Tuesdays at XL. It was there he whispered in my white ear about the Union Square space and his plan to begin a new Thursday night gay party. Fast forward a few and here we are–having one of the most beautiful weeks of the year and a perfect excuse to step out for an evening you’ll most likely forget (or at least I will, because that’s how I roll).

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"Banished from Brooklyn" – Where Have All the Gay Bars Gone?

If you haven’t noticed, a recent surge in gay nightlife has been taking place in Brooklyn. It all started in Williamsburg and has since branched out to neighboring Greenpoint. But, within the past year, two venues have seen their doors bolted only after enough outside force was applied. In the summer of 2011, Blackout Bar shut down after receiving numerous noise complaints from neighbors and tickets handed out by the local authorities. Of course any bar or club would be hit with a few warnings here and there but something is amiss when it is then ‘kicked when it’s down’ so much that they must close up shop.
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