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The Borowski Spin

There’s so much amazing new Dance music coming down the pike, that you can almost taste Summer Tea Dancing around the corner.  Here are the best and most notable of this week’s new tracks and mixes!


“Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen

It looks like Canada has another promising musical export with the young vocalist Carly Rae Jepsen serving up Canadian Pop Realness!  The upbeat “Call Me Maybe” starts out quietly unassuming, with plucking strings, a lightly thumping bass drum and vocals delivered with perhaps a hint of Country twang.  At first listen, you might thing you’re in Taylor Swift territory. But the song defies such simple categorization as it builds louder and faster until  a whoosh of sound ushers in a  dramatic wall of slicing synth strings.  I dropped this in a set last night and the reaction was instantaneous.  Released last year in Canada where it quickly hit #1, “Call Me Maybe” is now available here.  And with promoting help from fellow Canadian and label-mate Justin Bieber, she should be headed for success here in The States.  Check out the video with a fab queer twist.



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The Borowski Spin

Let’s kick things off by celebrating one of our own this week, shall we?

Spunk Pumpers Unite (EP) / Man Out Of U (Spunky UBetterDoIt Mix) – Matthew Duffy

Indie Electro/dance music pioneer Matthew Duffy (“Electric Shock,” “#1 Enemy,” and his killer remake of Jody Watley’s “Still A Thrill”) is out, proud and ready to make another splash.  Did we mention he’s also completely adorable and has a penchant for being photographed sans shirt?  Duffy is about to drop a new EP, memorably and colorfully titled “Spunk Pumpers Unite.”  The name alone cries out to be part of every girl’s iTunes library.  An advance single, a remake of the 1981 queer classic “Homosapien” by Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks, has been evocatively teasing us for the last few weeks.

Now “Spunk” is set to drop February 28.  The next single, “Man Out of U,” is a wild ride: a throbbing tune with lyrics that continuously f#ck with gender, all the while sounding equal parts macho and fey.  The video, featuring Duffy playfully tormenting eye candy and “Make Me A Supermodel” favorite Ronnie Kroll, is a white hot orgy of lipsticked boys and bearded ladies.  (And yes, the video, directed by Francis Legge, was also shot in 3D!)

In addition to writing, singing, playing and producing all the songs on the EP, the one-man band also created his own forthcoming dance remixes.  The “Spunky UBetterDoIt” mix for “Man Out of U” is a real winner.  It kicks up the bpm and uber-thumps the bass for a funkin’ good time.  Highly recommended as the Pick of the Week.


[Album version / Spunky mix not currently available online]

As a heads up: MD gave us a preview of additional cuts from the EP and we’re especially excited for a song called “Better Than Dancing.”  With a name like that, you can bet your ass it will be calling all butts to the dance floor.  Stay tuned…

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Christopher's Corner: Madge still delivers!


Madonna has been a music icon for over three decades and throughout the years has given some of the most poignant, controversial, and beautiful performances on television ever.  She was an MTV Video Music Awards staple when she first walked out on the stage in her infamous “Like A Virgin” performance.  Rolling around in a wedding dress with such precision and finesse, anyone watching could tell this lady had something very  special.  She kept on delivering smashing performances, like 1990’s “Vogue,” in which she and her dancers donned Victorian era garb and danced provocatively.  The Material Girl had one of the men go up her dress, fanned another dancer’s penis, and pushed two of them in her bosom.

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Music Monday: DJ Steve Sidewalk says Melanie Amaro, Havana Brown are on "PURE FIRE"

Madonna – “Give Me All Your Luvin” (LMFAO MIX) ft Nicki Minaj, LMFAO
LMFAO breathes life into Madonna’s dance floor dead on arrival single.   They turn the “Hey Mickey”-esque track into pretty much a track you’d find on their last album–in other words a “party rocking” dance number.  It definitely gives the track the MUCH needed boost from its flat original sound.  And LMFAO were smart enough to leave Nicki Minaj on the track.   The Party Rockers may just save the Material Girl’s troubled new song after all!

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Music Monday: DJ Steve Sidewalk sounds off on Madonna's newest single

If anyone knows me, they know I am a long time Madonna fan.  She’s the queen.   However, I LOVE Madonna but I don’t LUV her.  This song disasterously leaked back in late fall.  Madonna and company claimed it was just a demo, but really it was just the version without MIA or Nicki–who, by the way, sound poorly added in.

When this track leaked, both dance floors and the social media sites instantly were not having it.  I was hoping a revamped version and the Madonna marketing team would be able to save it come February, but sadly no.   If you ask me, she should have picked a new song all together.

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