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2015 GLAAD Media Award nominees


The nominees for the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards were announced this week. This year’s nominees recognize everyone from Laverne Cox to Sam Smith and Orange Is The New Black.

Here is the complete list of the 2015 GLAAD Media Award nominees:
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$20 for a pack of smokes?


Could cigarettes soon cost $20 per pack? If you live in Australia, then it could cost even more. The plan is to evidently tax cigarette sales so much that people eventually stop smoking.

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Los Angeles Moms vs. Manhunt


Los Angeles moms are protesting over ‘suggestive’ Manhunt Mobile billboards that have popped up all over Hollywood. As we previously reported here at GaySocialites, Manhunt launched a new Mobile Application dubbed Manhunt Mobile. They are maintaining a FUCK CENSORSHIP Campaign, and boy did they do just that!

Check out this blog post from one Los Angeles mom who feels the billboards are too close to her 9-year-old’s school.

The offending billboard is shown above.  Now, Manhunt wonders if this ‘liberal’ mom would have the same objections if it were a man and a woman kissing.

We want your take on this.. Should Manhunt continue to show off  its services near Schools such as this one, or should they take it elsewhere! Let yourself be heard, and we will keep you posted on this developing situation right here at GaySocialites!

Is Lindsay Lohan really headed to jail for a 5th time?

Fifth times a charm?  A California court hopes that’s the case for Lindsay Lohan, because they’re sending the part-time lesbian back to jail for a fifth time as of November 9th.

As we first reported earlier at GaySocialites.com, Lohan was slapped with a 30-day sentence on Wednesday for violating probation in her latest legal trouble.  For those keeping track of her wrap sheet, that’s the one involving the necklace she is accused of stealing from a California jewelry store.

But does that mean she will actually be behind bars for a month? Not exactly.

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Charles On… Why Occupy Los Angeles is better than Occupy Wall Street


If you haven’t been able to witness the Wall Street protest in person, then surely you’ve caught a glimpse of their camp on television over the past few weeks.  Even though not everyone can agree with their plan to linger in Lower Manhattan indefinitely, one thing is for certain.  Zuccotti Park is definitely not the prettiest place on earth.

The protesters who are occupying Wall Street are definitely getting their fare share of face time in the media, but they’re definitely not TV-ready.  It is somewhat sad to see them sleeping under garbage bags and lining up with the jail birds for some free food.

Sure.. they might have a make-shift-step-and-repeat and an occasional celebrity cameo; but their Los Angeles counterparts seem to have a surplus of something you’d have to search hard to find in Zuccotti Park.

So what is the edge that the LA protestors have over their Manhattan counterparts?  They’re definitely packing the pretty!  It’s all-you-can-eat eye candy!

Occupy LA has managed to pull out the pretty boys to push for change!  It almost makes you want to get out the crayolas, throw together a sign and head West… doesn’t it?!

Want to see more skin from Occupy LA? Check out our friends at Queerty, they’ve got a full gallery of the guys.

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