Obviously the GaySocialites.com family are all friends of Dorothy, and we’re remembering Judy Garland on what would be her 90th birthday. Thank you for your legacy, and for making the world shine brighter!

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Fashion Focus : Gianni Molaro

Welcome back to FASHION FOCUS kids! This has been a long week and I have been thinking about this designer and what I wanted to say all week.  AND I’M STILL UNSURE! I’ll say this, each piece tells a story and draws you in….  Remember, one doesn’t always have to like what they see, or even understand it, especially when it comes to fashion. However, when your work is unforgettable, it speaks for itself. Let’s dive in!

THIS….. is Gianni Molaro…..   Isn’t this garment (because I have no idea what it actually is– I think it’s a dress) INCREDIBLE?!  I’d love to have and wear this but I’d have to have outstretched arms at all times to display it’s full glory.  :-)

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Last night with DexStar G / 6.8

Capturing last night one click at a time

This man needs a date! [video]

GaySocialites.com loves us some H. Alan Scott ((Huffington Post, Celebrity Twitter Directory, Time Out “Joke of the Week,” Oprah said his name), so we’re definitely supporting his latest venture to find the perfect date. Trust, we know how hard it is to date in Manhattan, so we sympathize with his quest to find traditional romance in a world full of assholes (literally).

So, meet H. Alan Scott… and will someone please date him?

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The Borowski Spin / Kylie's Ruling the Summer

Runway Realness, K-Pop, Disco Divas and Mash-Ups.  We’ve got them all in this week’s ‘Spin’ as we take a listen to some bangin’ new tracks from the likes of Scissor Sisters, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston and the fabulously-named MaDonna Summer!

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