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Theatre Review: "The Best Man"

by Jonathan Warman

The current production of The Best Man by literary queer elder statesman Gore Vidal snaps along at a terrific pace – a very good thing for a three-act political drama to do. The play is set in Philadelphia at heavily fictionalized 1960 Democratic convention (Vidal wrote the piece in advance of the actual convention). In it, smart and honest candidate William Russell (based very loosely on Adlai Stevenson), mixes it up in backrooms at a highly contested convention with the smooth but unethically ruthless Joe Cantwell.

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FASHION FOCUS: She Does "It" Right!


I don’t know a gay man that can’t recognize when a woman is well put-together.  Most of us have the ability to appreciate a well-dressed woman and apply compliments where they fit. It’s something about the combination of the carefully coiffed hair, the polished and evenly applied makeup, the attractive clothing that is also well-fitting, and the shoe that compliments everything perfectly. A big part of who I am (and a statement I plan to include in each article) is “look how you want to feel”. When a woman feels good about her appearance her entire demeanor is different. Everything about her is different and you can tell because she radiates.

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I'M JUST SAYING! Kenyatta Khan on Tired of Being Splashed

There are times in our lives when we have said or done things that were offensive to others. It’s this part of us that we’ve been taught by our elders and/or peers–to not like anything that isn’t “the same” as ourselves, whether it be race, religion, age, or background. Part of becoming a mature adult, I believe, is being able to distinguish between right and wrong, and attempting to fix that which is wrong. We are all constant works in progress, which is why no person is perfect. The reason I’m writing this is because I’ve recently witnessed and have been irritated by the audacity of some people. I understand stupidity has no age limit but I would like to believe that people were raised in a home that taught manners and civility. Apparently I would be wrong in this assumption.

Well let’s just begin with the facts as I’ve come to find them. To be quite honest, I won’t be surprised if I find a burning cross in front of my house by the time this article has spread, but I am a southern woman of color and I do have devices of my own protection. I’ve lived in this lovely city for about 7 years now and within those 7 years I have met numerous people in all walks of life. I may not be able to tell you their names, but a face I almost never forget. During these 7 years I have frequented a legendary club that anyone who visits and wants a gay nightclub experience littered with gogo boys, music and decent drinks would call Splash. It’s also been here that I’ve met a great number of associates, ruffians and undesirables, but they were all good people so I didn’t care. I must admit that there have been times when I’ve been a little rowdy myself and have caused unnecessary commotion, but I’d like to add that I was young(er) and foolish then. Now, I’ve met someone (numerous times) who was rumored to be the owner of SBNY, but I’m unsure as to which D-list online business school he attended because all I can say is one word: FAIL!

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