Liza Minnelli among Daniel Nardicio's star-studded Fire Island rundown for Summer 2012

Daniel Nardicio bringing Liza Minnelli to Fire Island

GaySocialites.com can exclusively report that Liza Minnelli is coming to Fire Island this summer as a part of promoter Daniel Nardicio’s star-studded rundown planned for Cherry Grove this season.

“My summer plans: LIZA MINNELLI!” Nardicio told GaySocialites.com exclusively.

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Last night with DexStar G / 4.22

Capturing last night one click at a time

Thomas Beatie says he is finally a man, no longer pregnant

Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Finally a manThe self proclaimed “World’s First Pregnant Man” is once again soaking up some free publicity. Thomas Beatie, a transgendered male who was born a female, taped an interview this week set to air in May on “The Doctors”.

Beatie sat down with Dr. Travis Stork to reveal that he’s not a woman anymore. He says after carrying two children* and making claims that he was a man that got pregnant, transgendered OB-GYN Dr. Marci Bowers performed gender reassignment surgery finally making Beatie a man.

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Last night with DexStar G / 4.21

Capturing last night one click at a time

FASHION FOCUS: F.I.T. Street-Level Stunners!

So…. I was walking home from work, hoping to be inspired after a week of dull and blah this and that….  Always one to follow the winds, I veered west toward Seventh Avenue and stumbled into this colorful moment that was F.I.T.’s street-level display. NATURALLY I started snapping photos from my side of the glass. Noticing a pair of  guards, one seated and the other standing, both conversing… I started to wonder if I would be able to go in and get a closer look.


A young girl with a pink phone enters and starts snapping away. I didn’t waste any time getting permission from the guards to start getting my own footage. I could not stay very long because the guards were making preparations to shut things down (and I know exactly how it feels to wait for that lingering customer at closing time).  I briefly scan the room,  plot my path, keeping the girl with the pink phone in mind, and go on a rapid shoot through the exhibit.

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