RuPaul's Drag Race – Episode 12, Full Episode [video]

I’m a little perturbed to report that this week’s episode was a “Rewind” episode before the finale. I’m extremely happy to report that our drinking game is back in full effect. Every other word you here is some variation of RuPaul, so you will be mighty toasty after watching only a couple of minutes.

I will admit, it was fun tosee some behind-the-scenes stuff, but it’s nothing to write home about. Except maybe for Ru’s closotomy bag…

Check it out:

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Last night with DexStar G / 4.17

Capturing last night one click at a time

The @GayPimp has a message for YOU #TOTDF [video]

“Standing in the middle of a dance floor in LA,” says Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern, “looking around, I saw all these guys rockin’ to the music while texting on their phones! It made me think about how people will gather in big grounds but spend time on their phones reading a blog, checkin’ out their Grindr, tweeting and tagging people they are with on Facebook.” And thus #TOTDF (read: “Texting On The Dancefloor”) was born.

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Last night with DexStar G / 4.16

Capturing last night one click at a time

South Beach celebrates Gay Pride on Ocean Drive

Tens of thousands of partiers packed Ocean Drive for the fourth annual Miami Beach Pride Parade over the weekend.

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