Those One Million Moms Just Won't Quit!


It seems like the One Million Moms will not stop until homosexuality is totally out of their children’s lives.  First they targeted JC Penney after the retail giant decided to hire lesbian Ellen DeGeneres to be its spokesperson and then the Moms planned a boycott against  Toys ‘R’ Us after the toy store started to sell an “Archie” comic with the first openly gay, interracial couple in Riverdale.  They have not really shifted their focus since their last controversial move since the Moms are now pointing fingers at DC Comics and Marvel for making gay characters staples in their most popular comic book titles.
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Last night with DexStar G / 5.29

Capturing last night one click at a time

Charles On… Help pastor who suports gay rights save his church

While some readers may find it shocking that I’m using my reoccurring op-ed piece as a way to pass around the offering plate, those who know me personally know that I’m a bit of a Bible thumper.  However, my call to action in this case goes a beyond religion… although I am asking you to help save a church. Read on.

Reverend  Oliver White of the Grace Community United Church of Christ in St. Paul, Minnesota is at risk of losing his church after he has practically lost all of his congregation.  Rev. White is actually paying the price (literally) for standing up for gay rights.

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GaySocialites.com introduces new online show to recap most popular stories weekly [video]

This weekend, we’re introducing something new here at GaySocialites.com . This is the pilot for an original GaySocialites Production called “Weekends with Winters.”

The pilot episode below covers last Sunday through this Saturday and includes stories about everything from Adam Lambert and Jim Parsons  to a killing in Florida and a diss by Demanda about a not-so-hot-spot called the Ritz.  Watch it here:

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Interview: Scott Wittman on "Jukebox Jackie", 54 Below and "Smash"

Scott Wittman is a busy man. In addition to writing lyrics every week for Smash‘s show-within-a-show Bombshell (and serving as an executive producer for the NBC hit), and working as Creative Consultant for the much-anticipated new cabaret space 54 Below, he has conceived and directed Jukebox Jackie, currently playing at LaMaMa ETC. Jukebox Jackie: Snatches of Jackie Curtis is a collage of scenes, poetry, music and dance culled from the works of Jackie Curtis, who performed as both a man and a woman throughout his career in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, stating, “I’m not a boy, not a girl. I’m just me, Jackie.”

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