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San Diego to unveil Harvey Milk Street on late LGBT activtist's birthday

san diego gets harvey milk street

San Diego will be the first city in the country to name a street after LGBT civil right icon, Harvey Milk.  The City Council unanimously put their stamp of approval on a the plans to rename a local street after Milk.

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The Borowski Spin / Gang Bang debuts at number 1

It’s May!  As beach season inches closer and closer, we look at the lead singles from two anticipated summer albums by the Scissor Sisters and Cheryl Cole.  We also throw in some Latin flavor AND a Frat-tastic house party!

“Only The Horses” – Scissor Sisters

At full gallop, here comes the first commercial single off the Scissor Sisters’ upcoming album “Magic Horses.”  The upbeat “Only the Horses” follows the promo-only “Shady Love,” a somewhat meandering album cut.  Produced by white-hot DJ/producer Calvin Harris, “Only The Horses” is far more accessible musically.  It also better captures the group’s unique singer/songwriter-meets-dance-artist sound, making it a much smarter release choice.  As a side note, we are living for the delicious artwork and new video featuring zebras.  We can just picture the striped tour merch!


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Last night with DexStar G / 5.8

Capturing last night one click at a time

Last night with DexStar G / 5.7

Capturing last night one click at a time

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