What Does the Internet Think About Feminism?

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the website What Does the Internet Think?. Its purpose is to evaluate what the people who use the Internet think about the terms you search. I have no idea how reliable this website is, but I decided I’d try it out for feminist-related stuff.
This is what the Internet thinks about feminism:

Donna Summer Letter Fought Anti-gay Rumor!


Late Disco Queen Donna Summer’s legendary career was due largely to her huge homosexual fan base who stuck by her side throughout the years.  Then at a 1983 concert she allegedly made anti gay remarks such as “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” and “I have seen the evils of homosexuality; AIDS is the result of your sins.”  This was during the time when the AIDS epidemic began to rip through the LGBT community.  The comments angered many of Summer’s loyal followers and there were several organized protest of her performances.   But now a letter has emerged, written by Summer to AIDS activist group ACT UP denying she ever made the statements in the first place.
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Last night with DexStar G / 6.13

Capturing last night one click at a time

Hillary Clinton delivers speech on gay rights for Pride [video]

President of the World (oops) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released this video in which she outlines the accomplishments as well as the journey ahead for LGBT equality.   The biggest theme of the speech: “I wish you a happy Pride.”

You can watch Secretary Clinton’s entire LGBT month speech below followed by a complete transcript.

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YOTEL New York responds to gay bashing, says mistakes were made

Yotel responds to Gay Bashing Allegations

After reporting that a bias attack took place over the weekend at a bar located inside YOTEL New York, GaySocialites.com spoke exclusively with a representative authorized to speak on behalf of the hotel who said his organization is committed to supporting the LGBT community, especially considering that many members of his organization fit into that demographic.

Although Geoffrey Mills, Yotel’s Managing Director, wasn’t present when the incident occurred, he was briefed on the sequence of events by reviewing the surveillance video shot on cameras placed throughout the bar and taking testimony from staff members working that night.  He also said he has been in contact with those involved in the incident to gather their side of the story and regain their loyalty as customers.

Mills, however, admits the incident didn’t exactly unfold without flaws.

“I think mistakes were made by several people,” he said.

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