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Daily Dapper: Happy Memorial Day Weekend (Events)

If you’re in search of some unique fabulousness this Memorial Day weekend, there are an assortment of events to attend and get wild at. I will spotlight just two this Sunday. First up, we have the return of Lee Chappell‘s infamous DR!P party this time taking the action from one island to another. Fire Island Pines shall play host to this insanely wet pool party. Rest assured my partner in crime and editor, Demanda Dahling, and me will surely be jumping in the pool to join any other psychopaths who decide to let loose.
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"City Nights" boogies at 'Oh! You Pretty Things' BOWIE-ELVIS Birthday Bash'

It sucks being fashionable in the dead of winter here in New York City. I’m one of those individuals who will suck it up when it’s thirty degrees out just so I could wear a polyester 70’s reject prom tuxedo. But, this is ridiculous. “Christ, these nipples could cut glass right now,” I spouted to the girl waiting in line behind me. The things we all do for a fabulous event and this one was well worth it. Sunday night saw Le Poisson Rouge invaded for Oh! You Pretty Things’ “BOWIE-ELVIS Birthday Bash” presented by Michael T, Benjamin Ickies, Shien Lee, Twig the Wonderkid, and Laura Rebel Angel. Woof! Yes, a lot of names came out to bring us this flawless event and that’s not counting the hosts, performers, artists, and attendees in general who all arrived dressed to the nines.

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Demanda Endorses: A Pretty Night for Pretty Things

Leave it to nightlife legend Michael T to throw a MLK Weekend party in tribute to the two kings in his life–Elvis Presley and David Bowie. That’s right, it’s what he describes as a “birthday bacchanalia for rock’s two greatest capricorns.”  And ladies and gentlemen, I couldn’t agree more.  First, the fact he describes his party using the alliterative “birthday bacchanalia” puts a little tingle in my flower.  Secondly, a Bacchanalia is the only way to accurately describe his  holiday weekend spectaculars, known by the most appropriate name, Oh! You Pretty Things.  What him and co-producers Twig the Wonderkid, Ben Ickies and Laura Rebel-Angel present is not just a party, but an experience.  And it’s a fucking fun one at that.
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Demanda Endorses: Tricks and Treats for All-Hallows-Eve

You probably know by now that Demanda never turns down a good party.  And although Halloween is really just amateur dress up day, I most definitely will not be staying in this evening.  Neither will any of the night’s pros as everyone will be serving up full looks for your viewing pleasure.  Believe it or not, I dislike crowds and am skipping the damn parade, but can be found rolling around on the ground of these fabulous parties–



BLOODY MARY BORDELLO:  Nightlife powerhouse Susanne Bartsch moves her weekly Tuesday party, ON TOP, to tonight for a special Halloween trick.  Spanning two floors on top of the Standard Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, Bartsch’s glamour fest features creatures from every corner of the city and was just named Paper Magazine’s Best Weekly Party.  The night is presented by Bartsch, Amanda Lepore, Desi Monster, Kayvon Zand, Jeremy Kost and Theodora and hosted by New York’s most sensational sinners, including Jordan Fox, Anna Evans, Muffinhead, Darian Dahling, Rachel Singer and One-Half Nelson.  DJ’s Johnny Dynell, Will Automatic, Michael Magnan and Alex From Tokyo make sure you never stop moving.  Last year, Bartsch’s Bloody Mary Halloween at Good Units was so wild it was shut down within two hours.  Dare we go for round two?

The Standard Hotel

444 W 13th St

10p – ?




OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS: LIFE IS A CABARET: Legends Michael T, Benjamin Ickies, Shien Lee and Twig the Wonderkid present their tribute to “Cabaret” at the very sexy (le) poisson rouge, featuring an ensemble of artists, musicians and performers that includes Lady Rizo, Pepper Somerset, Kae Burke, and Lee Chappell, amongst others.  Acid tongued Formika will serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies, surrounded by a bevy of Kit Kat Klub girls and boys that includes Lady Circus and Go-Go Harder.  Also happening throughout the evening is a costume contest with over a grand in prizes, a circus sideshow courtesy of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Cabaret make-overs by the very talented Fya Myra and a full orchestra on hand for the tribute.  DJ’s Twig the Wonderkid, Rich King, Patrick and Miz Margo spin glam, goth, rock and swing til the sun comes up–or they kick us out.  Dress code: Divine Decadence, Weimar Vamp, Burlesque Diva, Vintage Glam, Dark Fetish, Nazi Chic.

Le Poisson Rouge

158 Bleecker Street

9p, with the Cabaret tribute beginning at midnight

$20 General Admission


So if you find yourself wandering the streets, wander on over and share some candy with madam Demanda.  Trust, you’ll be pissed you missed it.

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