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REVIEW: DJ Steve Sidewalk on Bieber, Lopez and McPhee

“Boyfriend” – Justin Bieber

You can just picture all the preteen girls and gay twink lovers going crazy when Justin Bieber whisper “If I was your boyfriend…” at the beginning of the song.  Bieber matures a bit in this track although still has some “Radio Disney” nods. Yeah, he does say he’d be like Buzz Light Year.  This rap/R&B Mike Posner produced track channels the Biebs inner Justin… Timberlake that is.  This song is very similar to the N’SYNC track about a familar subject line, “Girlfriend”. But hey, I must admit I am no longer ashamed to admit I actually like a song by Bieber. And if JT is going to go into semi-music retirement, at least we have JB to fill that void.  B

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