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I heard… Its already out with the old and in with the new at XL Nightclub in NYC

I heard… An ear full of gossip from multiple sources about the second coming of nightlife God, John Blair, and his bran new XL nightclub in Times Square underneath the new Out NYC Urban Resort.  I’m gonna dish out a heaping helping of the scoop, but I’m not one to repeat for gossip… so you better listen close the first time.

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I Heard… Nelson's F*Word is Formika-less and XL's success may be its downfall

I HEARD… that a horrible name and the inability for the promoters to fill a space as large as District 36 weren’t the only reasons for a short lived run of DMFAO.  I also HEARD… the success at XL might be the biggest downfall of the new nightclub at the OUT NYC Urban Resort. And that’s not all I HEARD in New York’s nightlife gossip mill this week.  Keep reading, because I’m not one to repeat gossip. So, you better listen close the first time!

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I heard… transgender author Toni Newman thinks LL Cool J wants her dead

I heard… transgender author is scared for her life! After writing in a recent book that she had sex with LL Cool J while working as a prostitute in New York, Newman said she started getting death threats.

As a results, it seems like Toni thinks it is LL Cool J who wants her dead.

During one incident in August, the attackers evidently threatened to kill Ms. Newsman.

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