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"City Nights" finds itself at 'This Ambitious Show'

Tucked away on a side street close to Metropolitan Avenue in an industrial section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn there lies a building that goes by the name of The House of Yes. While seemingly donning a name of an everything-goes speak-easy, this spot was home to an event presented by Lady Circus and This Ambitious Orchestra on Friday night: This Ambitious Show. If one is unfamiliar with such an event it could be labeled anything from a music revue to an acrobatics event and everything in between. One of the most enjoyable points of the night was I got “Doris Day-type parking.” That’s right… across the street. Another bonus for the venue is that you can pretty much bring in anything you want in regards to alcohol. Just be polite; let them know at the door and toss your bartender a few extra bucks for a tip. Don’t be such a cheapie, queen.
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