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DWhigh: Marijuana breath test coming

dwhigh marijuana breath test

As more and more states legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, authorities have a new concern on their hands… DWHigh.  Now, a group at Washington State University is working on a solution.  The team of researchers are developing a marijuana breath test.

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Shaving tips: how to get the cleanest shave

Getting a clean shave

My hubby and I were watching TV and a commercial for some expensive shaving cream came on. Out of the blue he asked me if the expensive brands were any better than the cheap brands. Personally, I find very little difference, but I have however found something that works better and it’s not even a shaving cream.

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At home pedicure tips

Men get pedicures too

Spring is just around the corner so we need to get our feet in shape. You never know when you might want to take your shoes off and walk in the grass or run in the ocean with that special someone. It would be embarrassing to pop those shoes off and have raunchy looking feet.

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A lotion that helps with tightening your abs

Avon lotion that will tighten your ab

No one wants to start out the New Year with flabby skin, especially when everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to get fit.    I’ve found a product that will help firm and tighten your skin.

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Women's Health is Not Up for Debate [video]

I thought I would share this excellent video, called Not Up for Debate, which was made through the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC).

According to an email sent to me by Danielle Jackson, an extremely awesome woman at the NWLC, “The attacks on women’s access to reproductive health care are increasing at an alarming rate, and the ability of women to obtain the health care they need has never been at greater risk. If the past few weeks are any indication, the relentless assaults on women’s health care will continue unabated. We can’t stand by and wait to see what their next attack brings. Through our new campaign we’re encouraging our supporters to tell our leaders – My Health is Not Up for Debate.”

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