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Bartini Manager Sean Greggory dead at 23


Bartini Manager Sean Greggory Verdi found dead in Ian Reisner's apartment at 23

The New York City gay nightlife industry is mourning the loss of one of their own.  Bartini manager Sean Greggory Verdi passed away on Wednesday morning from an apparent drug overdose in the apartment of Ian Reisner, who is best known for creating the boutique gay hotel OUT NYC in Hell’s Kitchen.

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Big Brother 16: Frankie boo’ed, edit out?


Was Frankie Grande boo'ed when he got evicted from Big Brother 16?

Here at GaySocialites.com, we have been following Big Brother 16 throughout the entire summer, so we think it’s important to report something like this.

On Monday, we reported that a source who was in the audience when Frankie Grande was evicted said that he was boo’ed by the audience.  We also reported on Tuesday night, after Big Brother 16 aired on CBS, that there were no boos to be heard.  On Wednesday we received an e-mail from someone who says she was in the studio audience on Monday night, and Frankie definitely got boo’ed by the crowd.

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EXCLUSIVE- YOTEL gay bashing follow-up: hotel won't apologize, Ranieri won't be back!

Jamie Raneiri boycotting YOTEL without apology

This weekend millions will come to New York City to celebrate Gay Pride.  It will also mark two weeks since Jamie Ranieri and her friend reported they were harassed by two men who spat out homophobic slurs and later attacked the nightlife personality and her gay friend.  Now, Ranieri is proud to be standing up against YOTEL New York since the futuristic hotel’s management refuses to issue an apology for the incident and the way it was handled.  GaySocialites.com spoke with her exclusively in this follow-up.

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EXCLUSIVE: XL Nightclub in NYC is getting a new Thursday night weekly party

Earlier this morning, GaySocialites.com told you about the changes already taking place at New York City’s newest nightlife attraction, XL Nightclub.  In “I Heard…”, you learned of a new Thursday night event.  Now, GaySocialites.com can exclusively report the details of this new weekly party and take a look at the controversies that may lie ahead.

GaySocialites.com has learned that the new Thursday night at XL Nightclub will be called “20Something”, and the guys behind it are already familiar names if you party on Thursday nights in Chelsea.  “20 Something” is the brainchild of Justin Luke and Steve Sidewalk who currently work at Splash for Campus Thursdays, a long-running twinky affair brought to you by Alan Picus and BoiParty.com.

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