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Arkansas gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A federal judge has struck down the Arkansas gay marriage ban, and that could mean that gay couples will be walking down the isle there again soon.

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SCOTUS lifts stay on Kansas gay marriage

Supreme Court won't rule on gay marriage bans lifted in several states.

The Supreme Court of the United States has lifted a stay on a decision that was preventing gay marriages to be performed legally in Kansas.  That makes the state the 33rd in America to allow same-sex couples to legally obtain marriage licenses.

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South Carolina Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

south carolina gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A judge has ruled that the South Carolina gay marriage ban is unconstitutional, but same-sex couples can’t immediately start getting married.

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Kansas gay marriage ban unconstitutional

kansas gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A Federal judge has ruled the Kansas gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but that doesn’t mean same-sex couples can wed immediately in that state.

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8 men jailed in Egypt over gay marriage

8 arrested in egypt for gay marriage

Eight men have been thrown in jail in Egypt for three years after being accused of attending a gay marriage ceremony on the Nile. ┬áThis is just the latest in a series of events that target Egypt’s gay community.

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