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Supreme Court won’t rule, five states get gay marriage

Supreme Court won't rule on gay marriage bans lifted in several states.

The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday that they will not hear cases in Oklahaoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana that seek to keep their gay marriage bans in place.  That means gay couples will now be able to marry legally in those five states, and even more could soon follow.

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Judge: Missouri must recognize gay marriages performed in other states

Missouri gay marriages

A judge ordered the state of Missouri to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states on Friday, saying the state’s gay marriage ban singles out gay couples “for no logical reason.”

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When will the SCOTUS weigh in on gay marriage?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

If you’re wonder when and how the Supreme Court of the United States is going to weigh in on the state-to-state gay marriage bans, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says you should have your eyes on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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GOP Senate candidate Monica Wehby comes out for gay marriage

Oregon Republican Monica Wehby gay marriage ad

In a new television commercial, a GOP Senate candidate from Oregon is coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. Dr. Monica Wehby released an ad Tuesday in which stands up for the gay plaintiffs who have sued the state over its gay marriage ban.

You can watch the ad for Monica Wehby’s Senate campaign here:

Wehby debuted the on Politico.com before it hit the airwaves Tuesday.

She told the website,

“My opponent keeps trying to paint me as an extreme right-wing Republican, and that’s actually not who I am,” she said in a phone interview. “I’m a very independent-minded person, like our state. I’ve always felt government should stay out of it. This isn’t a change in thought for me at all.”

The man who appears in the ad with Dr. Wehby is Ben West, a plaintiff in the lawsuit that successfully struck down the Oregon gay marriage ban earlier this year.

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka marry

Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka tie the knot.

[photo via Twitter]

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka tied the knot over the weekend in Italy.

The guys evidently wore custom made Tom Ford tuxedos, and their fraternal twins were also a part of the ceremony.  Pam Fryman, the long-time director of How I Met Your Mother, officiated the service.

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