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Alabama asks Supreme Court for stay on gay marriage

Alabama asks Supreme Court to extend stay on gay marriage.

A federal appeals court cleared the way for gay marriage to begin in Alabama next week, but the state’s attorney general made one last attempt to delay the decision by asking the United States Supreme Court to issue a stay until they make their ruling later this year.

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Huckabee: being gay is like drinking, cursing

Mike Huckabee compares being gay to drinking and profanity

Mike Huckabee, who seems to be gearing up to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2016, compared being gay to choosing to drink alcohol or use profanity saying those are lifestyle choices appealing to others but not to him.

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Lance Bass attending mass wedding in Fort Lauderdale

Lance Bass to attend Fort Lauderdale's mass gay wedding

Former *NSYNC member, Lance Bass, will serve as the ambassador at the mass same-sex wedding on the beach set to take place in Fort Lauderdale on February 5th as gay marriage becomes legal in Florida.

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Stay issued on Alabama gay marriage

Alabama Gay Marriage

A judge in Alabama has put a two-week hold on her own decision that overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage.

This gives time for those who are trying to protect the Alabama gay marriage ban time to appeal her decision.

She did, however, express her concern that same-sex couples should be able to start receiving marriage licenses in a timely manner.

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Americans want pro-gay President

pro gay marriage presidential candidates

A recent survey shows that more than one-third of Americans say they wouldn’t vote for a Republican presidential nominee who does not support gay marriage.

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