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Ted Cruz praying against gay marriage

Ted Cruz: Pray Supreme Court rules against gay marriage!

Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz asked supporters on Thursday to pray that Supreme Court rules against gay marriage.

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Gay marriage legalized in Mexico

Mexico Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage

Mexico’s Supreme Court has effectively legalized gay marriage nationwide by ruling that states are no longer allowed to discriminate against same-sex couples.

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McAteer ousts Weiderpass from Sip-n-Twirl

Ted Cruz and Mati Weiderpass

The rumors are true!  GaySocialites.com can confirm that P.J. Acteer (the owner of Sip-n-Twirl on Fire Island) had Out Hotel owner Mati Weiderpass bounced from his establishment.  Others in attendance say it got heated when other patrons confronted Weiderpass about his support for Republican Presidential contender Ted Cruz, who is adamantly opposed to gay marriage.

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Poll: Americans believe gay marriage will be legalized by Supreme Court

Poll: Americans believe SCOTUS will rule in favor of gay marriage

A new poll shows that most Americans believe that the Supreme Court will legalize gay marriage nationwide when they issue their ruling on the matter later this month.

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Obama responds to 5-year-old girls letter for gay marriage

5 year old write President Obama in support of gay marriage.

A little girls who is “5 almost 6 years old” wrote the above letter to Barack Obama supporting gay marriage, and the president wrote back.

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