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Judge rules Kentucky gay marriage ban unconstitutional

Judge rules Kentucky gay marriage ban is unconstitutional

Gay marriage could soon be heading to the Bible belt!  A judge in Kentucky has ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.  Although the judge’s ruling strikes down the gay marriage ban in Kentucky, that doesn’t mean gay couples can start marrying right away.  The ruling was placed on a temporary hold making it uncertain when gay couples in Kentucky will be able to legally get marriage licenses.

According to the Associated Press,

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Orlando City Council supports gay marriage [video]

Orlando City council supports overturning gay marriage ban in Florida.

The Orlando City Council has approved a proposal by Mayor Buddy Dyer that supports overturning Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage.

You can watch coverage from local Orlando television station WKMG in the video below:

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Hillary Clinton ‘evolved’ on gay marriage

Hillary Clinton has evolved and supports gay marriage

Hillary Clinton says she has “evolved”, like many Americans, on the issue of gay marriage.

Clinton explained during a CNN Town Hall on Tuesday that although she has previously said she didn’t support marriage equality, she came out in favor of gay marriage as soon as her term as Secretary of State ended.

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Gay marriage ban lifted in Wisconsin

Judge ruled Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional

Gay couples in Wisconsin are tying the knot after a judge ruled that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

According to US TODAY,

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Diverse judges ruling for gay marriage

Diverse judges ruling in favor or gay marriage

[Photo via the Washington Post]

Gay marriage is sweeping across the country with states across the country now allowing same-sex couples to tie the knot, as the map above shows.  The Washington Post points out, the judges who are ruling the gay marriage bans in these states as unconstitutional are a diverse group.

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