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Lawsuit challenges Ohio’s Gay Marriage Ban

Lawsuit challenges gay marriage ban in Ohio If a group of civil rights attorneys have their way, Ohio could be the next to allow same-sex marriage.  The lawsuit filed by the group claims that Ohio’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, and they cited arguments that have led judges to strike down same sex marriage bans in five other states. According to the Associated Press, Get more…

Members of clergy challenge gay marriage ban in North Carolina

Members of North Carolina clergy challenge gay marriage ban

North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage is being challenged in court, but to many people’s surprise the lawsuit has been filed by a group of members of the clergy.

According to NBC News,

The men and women of the cloth say that the state’s “Amendment 1,” which was approved by voters in 2012, infringes upon their religious freedom to perform marriages for their gay and lesbian congregants.

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Judge makes gay marriage ruling in Ohio

Judge rules on Ohio gay marriage

A federal judge has ruled that the state of Ohio must recognize gay marriages legally performed in states that have legalized same sex unions.

According to the Associated Press:

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Interview: “The Fifth Beatle” tells story of Beatles gay manager

FIFTHB PG 077crop

Brian Epstein, the man who brought the Beatles to the world, was gay when it was a felony to be so in the U.K., Jewish in an anti-Semitic time, and from Liverpool when it was just a dingy port town. The Fifth Beatle (Vivek J. Tiwary, writer, Andrew C. Robinson and Kyle Baker, artists) is a critically acclaimed, #1 best selling New York Times graphic novel and forthcoming feature film recounting the untold true story of Epstein, the brilliant visionary who discovered the Beatles in a cellar in Liverpool, nurtured, protected, and guided them to international stardom, and died extremely successful and painfully lonely at the age of 32. I chatted with Tiwary recently about the queerer elements of Brian’s life and The Fifth Beatle

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Theatre Review: “Mothers and Sons”

Mothers and SonsJohn Golden Theatre

In Terrence McNally’s often funny, always thoughtful new play Mothers and Sons, mother Katherine (Tyne Daly) pays an unexpected visit to the New York apartment of her late son’s ex-partner Cal (Frederick Weller), who is now married to another man, Will (Bobby Steggart) and has a young son. She has something of her son’s to give Cal, but things get more complicated the longer she stays.

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