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Justin + 1: 6 Drinks to Order at the Gay Bar

One of the fringe benefits of knowing me, being 21+, and coming to my events is that I will often offer you one and/or many free drinks. It’s a perk! I offer it to friends and cute guys! You should totally accept one.

Something I’ve noticed when I offer friends or visitors a free drink is that they often don’t know what to order. They say “I don’t know, what are you having?” or “I don’t normally order drinks!”

Basically these guys are of the “pour vodka in a Diet Coke because that’s what’s at this house party” variety. This needs to be addressed.

Let me say this: part of your job of being a gay man is to have a Default Drink. Or a Signature Cocktail, if you wanna sound fabulous and fancy when you refer to it.

Don’t have one? Well here are my Signature Cocktails, feel free to ask me for a free one next time you see me!

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XL Nightclub opening at Out NYC Urban Resort last weekend of January with impressive rundown

After a lot of talk and anticipation, New York City’s nightlife landscape is about to change drastically with the grand opening of the XL Nightclub in the Out NYC Urban Resort in Manhattan.

Veteran promoter John Blair and his long-time partner Beto Sutter are teaming up with dynamic duo of Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabaio to revive their XL brand.

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