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Theatre Review: “John Epperson: Show Trash”

Show Trash

The artist otherwise known as Lypsinka takes off the wigs, makeup and sound design, and – lo and behold – is still an engaging entertainer without all that. Sure, John Epperson sans the Lyp armor is a very different sort of performer, but his much more traditional cabaret act Show Trash holds the stage, with considerable grace.

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Theatre Review: “Lypsinka: The Boxed Set”

Lypsinka Box Set

Lypsinka long since turned the drag queen craft of lip-synching into high art. In The Boxed Set, the artist otherwise known as John Epperson refines and reconnects the various pieces he has been doing since the 1980s, in a sort of greatest hits collection. He has done this compilation before, and this time around the thematic strains about identity, gender and madness have just gotten clearer and stronger.

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Jonathan Warman to direct NAFTA comedy “Quit the Road, Jack”


In March 2015, Gay Socialites contributor Jonathan Warman will be directing Jerry Polner’s new comedy Quit the Road, Jack. It’s a comedy about NAFTA! But it’s actually about a divorced and miserable couple of burnt-out ex-musicians whose 16-year-old son runs away from home. Somehow, the son gets involved in the immigrant worker rights movement. He sends cryptic notes back to his parents, telling them what losers they are and giving them just enough information to make them think they can find him. Mom and Dad can’t stomach each other, but neither trusts the other one to find Jack, and so they’re forced to travel across North America together in search of their son.

For more about Jonathan Warman’s directing work, see jonathanwarman.com.

Theatre Review: “Bad with Money”


Director Ben Rimalower is making a second career of turning life’s lemons into the lemonade of serio-comic one man shows, which he performs rather than directs (Aaron Mark directs Rimalower, and you have to give Mark credit for having the requisite boldness to direct a director). First there was Patti Issues, which detailed his complex relationships with both his heroine Patti LuPone and his own father. Now, in Bad with Money, he goes into his even more complex relationship with cash and credit.

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Opening TONIGHT! “Labyrinth” by Major Queer Choreographer Mark Dendy


Mark Dendy is one of the most brilliant American choreographers of our time, creating dance-theatre pieces that often have a decidedly queer turn. I had the great pleasure of working with him years ago on a goofy little indie musical called Andru’s Head. His latest, Labyrinth, opens tonight at Abrons Arts Center.

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