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RuPaul's Drag Race – Episode 9, Full Episode [video]

Television is entertainment and fantasy, and we couldn’t be more reassured of that when RuPaul announced that her girls would be candidates in the next presidential election. Running under the Wig Party (har har), the queens wrote speeches and held a little debate.   Dan Savage was the guest judge this week and though I appreciate all he brings to the community, lighten up! He pressed the contestants on a bunch of issues and in the end it all comes off as some of the girls having fun, others not, some confused. It’s one big cluster you-know-what.

Also, it should be noted that just because you are a drag queen does not mean you are a good character. I was actually really uncomfortable watching FiFi O’Hara do what she was trying to do during the debate, and this was after several cocktails. No sense of timing and terribly unfunny jokes. If you’re going to make a racist joke, it better be damn funny. Fail, FiFi, fail, fail, fail.

And on a side note, what is it with RuPaul and his shoulder choreography? They move like nothing I’ve ever seen–up, down, side to side, they even do a little backflip at one point. Watch the episode below… and take a drink every time you notice it.

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