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Absolut Vodka event to celebrate 30 years of coming out

Absolut Vodka is adding a splash of flavor to the F-Word on Friday Night in Manhattan as they celebrate “30 years of going out and coming out” to mark the company’s third decade supporting the LGBT community.

To coincide with Friday’s big event,  Absolut released this advertisement by David LaCappelle featuring his muse, Amanda LePore.

“The provocative new LaChapelle ad and the entire year of OUTrageous events celebrate our last 30 years and sets the stage for the next 30,” said Jeffrey Moran, who represents Absolut. He added: “From Warhol to LaChapelle, we have proudly and continually supported the creativity that makes the LGBT community so special.”

The 30 year anniversary party takes place this Friday at Splash in New York City.  You can get more information in the GaySocialites.com Event Listings section. Absolut promises “cocktails perfected” and “surprise outrageous performances.”

Occupy Wall Street Security Guard drops F-Bomb on Veteran!

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg had ordered the police early this morning to remove all of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and all of their belongings from Zuccotti Park. The Park is owned by Brookfield Properties, wanted to be able to clean and re-open the park without the protesters in the way.

But this didn’t stop Joey Boots though. Boots is a LGBT videographer, ex-military vet, and Howard Stern guest. He began to record on YouTube his interviews with the Brookfield Properties employees! These employees were rockin’ with neon vests, but had some choice words. One guard went to Boots and said, “Your fly’s open, faggot.”

That f-bomb is dropped left and right as of late, now the hater enjoys his 15 minutes of fame now on YouTube!

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