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Comedian Judy Gold endorses Chris Quinn for Mayor of New York City


In a letter to New York City voters, Comedian Judy Gold went political as she announced her support for Christine Quinn in the New York City Mayor’s race. She also got in a few good cracks at some other politiciams… and the Kardashians.

Here’s what Gold had to say about the Mayor’s race:

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Spitzer submits petitions for run for NYC Comptroller


It looks like Eliot Spitzer is going to be on the ballot the Democratic primary for New York City Comptroller.  The former governor, who stepped down after getting busted in a prostitution sting, showed up at the election commission Thursday night with over 27,000 signatures to put him on the ballot.
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Palin for Senate in 2014?


Former Republican nominee for President, Sarah Palin, told radio talk show host Sean Hannity she is considering a run for Senate in 2014.  The seat is currently held by Senator Mark Begich, a Democrat from Alaska.

You can hear the interview here:

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Mitt Romney racks up five more GOP primary wins, begins Obama attacks [video]

There were no surprises for Mitt Romney during Tuesday night’s primaries in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut.  Wins in all five states gave Romney his first chance to publicly claim the Republican nomination.

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Iowa takes center stage of political universe

After many, many months of campaigning, the political season officially kicks off with the Iowa caucuses on January 3rd.  Although it is only the first vote of the election year, it is an important one.  The Iowa caucuses could be make-it-or-break-it for the political Presidential hopefuls.

What is a caucus and how does it work, you might ask.  The Iowa caucuses are a bit different than other states who hold primaries.

On Tuesday night at 7:00, Iowans from across the state will gather to weigh in on who they believe should be the Republican nominee.  Unlike primaries who allow voting all day long with results being reported after the polls close, the caucus winner will be announced after all 1,774 precincts in Iowa wrap up their open voting.  The caucuses are more like meetings than polls.  They take places in a variety of community gathering spaces such as churches, schools, community centers and court houses.

Mitt Romney holds a narrow lead in the polls over the crowded pack of contenders as the Republicans head into the caucus. However, that could all change overnight as none of the candidates have managed to hold onto the lead for much more than a week.

The winner of the Republican primary generally finishes at the top of the pack in Iowa.  The only GOP nominee since 1972 who did not finish in the top three in Iowa was John McCain in 2008.

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