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Happy Easter from GaySocialites.com

happy easter from GaySocialites.com

Happy Easter from everyone at GaySocialites.com!

Opera Review: “Ernani”


Viva Verdi! I had forgotten what a swashbuckling bodice ripper Ernani is – and how much fun that aspect of it is. Ernani is based on Victor Hugo’s 1830 play of the same name, which was arguably the original theatrical bodice ripper. It’s a tangle of 16th Century Spanish politics and three men vying for the affections of the beautiful Elvira of Aragon.

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Happy Passover from GaySocialites.com

happy passover from gaysocialites.com

Everyone here at GaySocialites.com would like to wish a Happy Passover to everyone who observes the holiday!

GaySocialites.com owner fires himself


GaySocialites.com owner Charles Winters fires himselfGaySocialites.com‘s owner Charles Winters announced on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 that he had made the decision to fire himself.  Winters, who founded the website nearly a decade ago, is known for being a tough person to work for and evidently decided that he didn’t even meet his own standards.

Winters informed his staff via e-mail early Wednesday morning that he had let himself go.  According to his Wikipedia page Winters is the sole proprietor of the website, therefore the staff is left not knowing who is really in charge.

“We have an editorial board, but they really have no power,” said Winters’ now-former Executive Assistant Cody White. “Charles is very controlling in general and didn’t really ever allow them to make many decisions,” he added.

For now, the website seems to be up for grabs.  In his e-mail to staffers, Winters said:

“I still own the GaySocialites trademark, the GaySocialites brand and GaySocialites.com; but I have decided to terminate my employment immediately.  I no longer work here.”

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Theatre Review: “On the Twentieth Century”

On the 20th 0903- Karl, Chenoweth

Witnessing Kristen Chenoweth at the top of her form and perfectly cast is the whole reason to see this revival. The show’s creators, composer Cy Coleman and wordsmiths Betty Comden and Adolph Green, were all masters of musical theatre, but On the Twentieth Century is nobody’s best work. Don’t get me wrong, the musical is very entertaining and quite well-crafted, but it finally works best as a star vehicle. And, thank goodness, Chenoweth is one hell of a star!

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