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Charles Winters announces candidacy for 2013 Glam Awards Best Writer/ Blogger

Charles Winters wants your vote

To those who work in nightlife and read GaySocialites.com, first let me say I am humbled.  And this article applies to you!

Today, I announce my candidacy for Best Writer/ Blogger in the 2013 Glam Awards.  Cherry Jubilee, who organizes and promotes the Glam Awards each year has started the nomination process.  Last week, she sent out forms to be completed to pick this year’s nominees.

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I’m just saying… Life’s a drag

I'm Just Saying Lifes a drag

Oh, how exciting it all is to live in New York Fucking City! Every day is an adventure here because you never know what might transpire–randomly running into celebrities or, even more exciting, running into the crazies who talk to themselves. Seriously think about it, the only time anyone can say that their life in NYC is boring is if they do absolutely nothing at all, and said nothing is in the confines of their clearly dreadful apartment….I’m just saying! Life is meant to be lived and boy, did we pick a city to live it in!

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Cabaret Review: “Tales of Joni”

Tales of Joni_Mitchell-Blue

This is a very pleasant evening of the music of singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, sung by a diverse cast of cabaret and musical theatre singers. I was drawn to see Tales of Joni because of Heather MacCrae and Lisa Asher – I’ve seen MacCrae live before and heard recordings by Asher. And indeed many of the brightest highlights of the evening do come from these two. Asher shines singing Joni’s hits, including a country-tinged “Raised on Robbery” and a very thoughtful and measured “Both Sides Now”.

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Could Anthony Weiner help Chris Quinn’s chances of becoming Mayor of New York City?


I’ve made it no secret that I don’t think Anthony Weiner should be running for Mayor of New York City.  With a clearly sordid personal life and potentially more scandals to fall out of his skeleton of closets, the former Congressman would put City Hall on rocky ground if he were to be elected Mayor.

However, after looking at the polling numbers, I’m left wondering if Anthony Weiner might be helping Chris Quinn’s chances of winning the Democratic primary for Mayor.  It might sound odd, but here’s what I’ve observed.

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Weiner is the snake in the New York City Mayor’s race, and he needs to drop out


This week, we learned of another scandal involving New York City mayoral hopeful, Anthony Weiner.  Its another online affair, but this one didn’t happen before he resigned from Congress. This one happened just last year.
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