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Theatre Review: “Indian Ink”

Indian InkLaura Pels Theatre

This is definitely one of the warmer plays by the notoriously cerebral British playwright Tom Stoppard. Indian Ink follows fictional Modernist English poet Flora Crewe (Romola Garai) as she visits India in the 1930s, where her intricate relationship with Indian artist Nirad Das (Firdous Bamji) evolves against the backdrop of Gandhi’s nonviolent protest against the British salt monopoly, often called the “Salt March”. Fifty years later, in 1980s England, her younger sister Eleanor (the ever-luminous Rosemary Harris) is at pains to protect her controversial sister’s name and legacy.

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Happy National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day from GaySocialites.com

Each October 11th, we celebrate National Coming Out Day!  So on behalf of everyone here at GaySocialites.com, we congratulate you on your decision to come out as a member of the LGBT community.

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Theatre Review: “Riding the Midnight Express”

Riding the Midnight Express BILLY-HAYES

In Riding the Midnight Express, Billy Hayes has created a riveting one-man show, detailing his time in Turkish prisons and his daring escape, taking pains to make clear the distinctions between the movie version of Midnight Express and what actually happened. Hayes had been smuggling hash out of Turkey for some time before he was arrested in Istanbul in 1970. A combination of over-confidence on his part and changing international politics landed him in prison for 5 years. One of the major misunderstandings caused by Oliver Stone’s sensationalist screenplay for Midnight Express is that Hayes holds any resentment towards Turkey for what happened to him. He still loves the country and that’s one of the major keynotes of this one-man show.

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Opening TONIGHT! “Labyrinth” by Major Queer Choreographer Mark Dendy


Mark Dendy is one of the most brilliant American choreographers of our time, creating dance-theatre pieces that often have a decidedly queer turn. I had the great pleasure of working with him years ago on a goofy little indie musical called Andru’s Head. His latest, Labyrinth, opens tonight at Abrons Arts Center.

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Charles Winters begs for Glam Nomination

Charles Winters for 2014 Glam Awards Best Writer/ Blogger nomination

The 2014 Glam Awards nomination process is under way, and that means it is time for me to beg for a spot on your nomination form in the Best Writer/ Blogger category.  There’s no shame in my game!

Since I know that the Best Writer/ Blogger Glam Award is a tough category to win, I consider a nomination to be such an honor!  I’ve been nominated over the past six years, and I hope everyone who gets the privilege of being a part of the Glam Award nomination process will consider me for lucky number seven!

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