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Happy Halloween from GaySocialites.com

Happy Halloween 2013


Happy Halloween from your friends at GaySocialites.com!  Have a safe celebration, and may you just as many tricks as treats!

Opera Review: “Two Boys”

Two Boys 2

Nico Muhly’s music for his opera Two Boys is often shimmeringly beautiful, and the opera’s themes are intriguing. Unfortunately, those themes are given only a surface treatment – as a piece of music Two Boys is very satisfying, but as drama very unsatisfying.

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Cabaret Review: Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye 2013 2

There is simply nobody remotely like this overpoweringly amazing cabaret singer. It might not be an exaggeration to call her the best jazz cabaret singer in the world. She’s certainly the last great performer in that style of her generation, still in astonishingly full command of her vocal powers. And at 54 Below right now, she’s turning her towering talent exclusively to showtunes. Lucky us!

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Opera Review: “The Nose”


What a freakin’ punk rock opera! Not really of course, since Dmitri Shostakovich wrote it in 1928, three years before the electric guitar was even invented and four decades before the garage rock explosion of the 1960s. But! It is noisy to point of near-constant atonality, and is just as constantly rebellious and acidly satirical. I mean, less than ten minutes into the opera, we hear a three-minute instrumental piece for nothing but battering un-pitched percussion, the first piece of its kind in classical music ever. So! Punk rock!

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GaySocialites.com celebrates 8 years online


On behalf of everyone here at GaySocialites.com, I would like to thank you for eight successful years.

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