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Editor-in-Chief's Round Table: The Power List

Out Magazine recently named their Power List, the 50 most influential people in the LGBT community.

The magazine poses the question: “How to measure a person’s power? In a world in which we have inexpensive tools to reach billions, it may seem that the globe truly is flat, and we’re all on an even playing field. But a few exemplary individuals manage to influence the way others live — either through their public personas, politics, or wealth — and affect cultural and social attitudes.”

So it got me to thinking, what does make one influential? What qualities does a person have to possess in order to make a list? And what about this particular list?

As always, Charles Winters and Demanda Dahling are here. Also joining me: GaySocialites.com‘s resident dapper Kevin Novinski; Associate editor Christopher Dellea; and NYC DJ, artist, writer and fantastical creature Seth Silberman.

So, right this way…

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Editor-in-Chief's Roundtable: Remembering Whitney Houston

Hey y’all, I’m excited to announce our newest piece here at GaySocialites.com.  Each Monday, I will lead the “Editor-in-Chief’s Roundtable” where six contributors will answer six questions about one hot topic that should take up no more than six minutes of your very invaluable time!

In addition to my thoughts on the weekly topic, I’ll be joined by GaySocialites.com‘s Resident Diva Demanda Dahling and our CEO/ Editorial Director Charles Winters.  Each week will also feature three guests.  I’ll be inviting diverse guests who can bring a fresh opinion to the roundtable.  I’ll do my best recruit an impressive line-up of interesting characters that might include GaySocialites.com staff members, local celebrities, politicians, industry experts, homeless drag queens, cab drivers.. the options are endless, really!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll always agree with all of the opinions presented by my Editor-in-Chief’s Roundtable, but you’ll surely be entertained, enlightened and sometimes even educated.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to this week’s guest panelists who will join Demanda Dahing, Charles Winters and myself to reflect upon the life of entertainment legend and gay icon Whitney Houston.

This week’s three guest panelist all just happen to be on Team GaySocialites.com, and they all have ties to the music industry as well as strong opinions on pop culture.

They are: GaySocialites.com‘s Chief Information Officer Joshua Sean who is currently preparing to record his first single, GaySocialites.com music columnist and nightclub DJ, PhDJ and GaySocialites.com Music Monday columnist and Pop Music Mixologist Steve Sidewalk.

Let’s get to the discussion!

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