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Bobby Brown arrested for suspicion of DUI

Singer Bobby Brown was in and out of jail on Monday in California charged with the suspicion of driving under the influence.   Brown was evidently pulled over by a member of the California Highway Patrol on Monday afternoon after he was spotted by a trooper while driving and using his cell phone.

Cops say when they pulled Brown over in the San Fernando Valley and administered a field sobriety test to determine that he appeared to have been drinking.

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Did someone remove the cocaine from Whitney Houston's room the day she died?

Whitney Houston’s cause of death shows that the troubled singer used cocaine up until her final days.  As Thomas Bistritz reported earlier here at GaySocalites.com, the coroner’s report says Houston died from accidental drowning.  However, Whitney also had heart disease, popped some pills, smoked marijuana and used cocaine “immediately prior to her collapse.”   The police department says their investigation isn’t over.  The big questions remains, why wasn’t there a trace of cocaine in the hotel room where she died?

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Whitney Houston Autopsy finds cocaine in singer's system

Whitney Houston's Autopsy Report

The details of Whitney’s Houston autopsy have finally been released, and the LA County Coroner’s office has officially ruled the singer’s death as an accidental drowning.

Found submerged in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11, Houston also had traces of cocaine in her system and was also suffering from the effects of heart disease. According to the autopsy report, these were contributing factors in her death.

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Over 35lbs of cocaine mailed to UN, intended recepient unknown

The New York Police Department still doesn’t know who mailed more than 35 pounds of cocaine to the United Nations, and they don’t even know who was intended to receive the mail disguised as a diplomatic parcel.

Evidently, the large shipment of cocaine arrived at the U.N. on January 16th inside some hollowed out books that were in pouches similar to those used for diplomatic mail.

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