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Big Brother 16 spoiler: 4th Eviction

[Editor's note: If you haven't seen Thursday night's episode of Big Brother 16, there are several spoilers in this article. So... spoiler alert!]

Big Brother 16 spoiler eviction and HoH


Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 16 eliminated the fourth houseguest, crowned two new Heads of Household and revealed this week’s “have-nots”.  Plus, see what happens when the houseguests receive news from the outside world.  Warning: this update might contain some Big Brother 16 spoilers.

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Ariana Grande’s grandfather died, Will it change Big Brother game?

[photo via Instagram]

[photo via Instagram]

The grandfather of singer Ariana Grande and Big Brother 16 contestant Frankie Grande died on Tuesday.  Now the big question is: Will the death of Frankie’s grandfather change the Big Brother game?  The answer is no, and here is why.

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Report: Meghan McCain joining The View

Report: Meghan McCain will join The View as new co-hostAs GaySocialites.com recently reported, Rosie O’Donnell is coming back to “The View”, along side Whoopi Goldberg, while Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are out.  However according to Radar Online, it looks like Meghan McCain will be filling one of empty seats at “The View” table when the the show returns for its 18th season in September.

The insider told Radar that McCain is “gearing up to join the show.”

“Meghan brings a young, headstrong vibe to the show and she’s someone who thinks outside the box, despite her family’s standing in politics,” their source added. “Even though she’s a Republican, she’s very liberal with social issues. She’d sort of be the new Elisabeth Hasselbeck, except far more accepting.”

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Weekly Big Brother 16 spoilers and wrap

[Editor's note:  If you haven't seen this week's episodes of Big Brother 16 on CBS, this article definitely contains some spoilers for you.  There may also be some Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds and Big Brother After Dark, so read with caution!]

Big Brother 16 second evicted houseguest and new heads of household

After Thursday night’s elimination, Big Brother 16 viewers were left with a cliff hanger as the houseguests competed in pairs to see which two would be crowned the new Heads of Household (HoH).  At the end of Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 16, four more Big Brother players were nominated for eviction, but two of them found safety by dethroning one HoH in the Battle of the Block competition.  Keep reading for this week’s Big Brother 16 spoilers and wrap up.

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Big Brother eviction, HoH spoilers

Big Brother 16 spoilers

With two power houses on the block this week, the Big Brother 16 houseguest were determined to eliminate their biggest threat on Thursday’s episode.  After Donny used the Power of Veto on Jocasta, Devin found himself on the block.  The big question is: did the house strategy go as planned to eliminate Devin or did cowboy Caleb get bucked off Big Brother 16 this week?  Keep reading for spoilers if you haven’t seen Thursday’s elimination episode this week.

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