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Is it over for Big Brother’s first trans houseguest?


Big Brother 17 first trans houseguest audrey middleton

It looks like Thursday might be the last day in the house for Big Brother’s first trans houseguest, Audrey Middleton.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The remainder of this article may contain Big Brother 17 spoilers, please read ahead with caution at your own risk!]

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BB17’s Clay Honeycutt nude in shower

Clay Honeycutt nude shower

One of the highlights for all Big Brother fans is to catch their favorite hotties getting naked for the cameras.  This year, we here at GaySocialites.com have our eyes set on Clay Honeycutt.

So far, we haven’t seen much.  However, this past week Clay decided to strip down for a nude shower in the Big Brother 17 Head of Household shower.

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Big Brother 17 Round Table: Weeks 1 & 2


Throughout the run of Big Brother 17 Gaysocialites.com‘s Christopher Dellea, Cody White and Charles Winters will be discussing their opinions of the week and how they feel about the house guests’ game play. We hope you’ll join in the conversation with us. Now, let’s get the first Big Brother Round Table started! Here are our thoughts on the game so far.

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Big Brother 17 spoilers: Week 1 look back


[Editor’s note:  This Big Brother 17 report contains spoilers that have yet to air on CBS.  The information within contains both a recap of what has revealed during Big Brother 17 episodes and behind-the-scenes spoilers picked up on the 24/7 feeds from inside the Big Brother 17 House. Continue reading with caution!]

Big Brother 17 spoilers week one

The first week of any Big Brother season is probably the most confusing.  There are a lot of new names and faces to remember, so we are only going to pay attention to key players so far in the game.

In case you missed one of the first three episodes of Big Brother 17 that has aired on CBS so far, here is a quick recap.

The twists:

1.  Battle of the Block is back!  The fans evidently chose their favorite twist of all time and agreed to bring back the Battle of the Block competition.  That means each week there will be two heads of household and four nominees.  After the Battle of the Block, the winners of that competition are safe from eviction.  However, the Head of Household that nominated them is once again eligible to go on the chopping block.

2.  BB Takeover:  This twist is new to this season and will essentially shake up the game each week.  This twist could be anything imaginable, and it definitely gives a new meaning to Big Brother slogan: “Expect the Unexpected!”

3.  Twin Twist:  The twin twist is back.  Two of the players in the season are identical twins and will be playing the game as a duo for the first five evictions.  If they make it that far without being discovered or evicted, then they will get to play the rest of the game as individuals.

Crowing the first two Heads of Household:

The first eight house guests entered the house and crowned James as the first Head of Household.  After the second six houseguests entered, the first BB Takeover began.  The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan took over the game and introduced two new houseguests.  They were previous players on The Amazing Race.  When Phil announced that Eric Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra, who competed on the most recent season of The Amazing Race as a blind date couple, they joined the second group of eight houseguests to crown a new Head of Household.  Much to everyone’s surprise, the openly gay player Jason, won the endurance competition and was crowned Head of Household.

The first four nominees and the Battle of the Block:

James and Jason worked together to make their nominations saying they were putting up pawns in hopes of making a major move early in the game by backdooring one of the stronger players in the game.  They set their sites on Jace early, and they quickly got the support of the house.  Jason made his nomination first (by a random draw).  He put John and Becky on the block.  James nominated Steve and Jackie.  After a puzzle/ building block competition, John and Becky won the first Battle of the Block unseating Jason leaving James as the solo Head of Household.

Now here are the major Big Brother 17 spoilers for week one:

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Big Brother 17 has first ever trans houseguest


Big Brother 17 is coming to CBS!

The season of Big Brother 17 hasn’t even started yet, and we already have a spoiler about one of the cast members.  This summer’s new season of Big Brother will feature the first trans houseguest in the show’s 17-season history.  Keep reading to find out which one of the houseguests she is and find out what Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen had to say about her on a recent episode of The Talk on CBS.

[Editor’s note: this article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.
Only read if you want to know more about the upcoming cast members.]

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