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20 questions about ANYTHING with "20Somethings" DJ Steve Sidewalk

New York’s gay nightlife industry is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts, if you will.  My generation, now the 30-somethings, partied under the lights at Manhattan’s biggest mega clubs like the Tunnel, Limelight, Sound Factory, Roxy, Twilo… the list goes on-and-on.   Today’s 20Somethings will never get the chance to experience the same type of things that I did a decade ago when I was their age.   And though their experience may be much different, I hope their memories are just as fabulous.

To ensure that each generation gets their day on the dance floor, gay club owners and promoters are tasked with an ever changing profession.  They’re always on a feat to make the next function stand out as the social soiree of the season.  All while hoping they aren’t suddenly “out” like Heidi Klum watching Tim Gunn hosted more shows than she has little Seals.

In this “GaySocialites.com presents…” I’m sitting down with DJ Steve Sidewalk who made a ballsy move last Thursday in an attempt to liven things up a little in New York’s gay nightlife scene.   He stepped away from his residency at one of New York City’s longest running gay nightclubs where he works with a promoter who clearly has his finger on the pulse of his target demo and vacated a party that has shown him at least a half decade of success. Uncertain what the future might hold, Steve was (needless to stay) excited to see that over one thousand New York gays had come out to support their 20something opening.

As Steve and promoter Justin Luke prepare for their second night, GaySocialites.com has learned that there may not be a third.  Evidently the  20something crowd isn’t made up of as many heavy drinkers as one might think.  Lower than normal liquor sales combined with the cheaper weekday cover charge just doesn’t seem to reach the numbers needed to keep a club the size of XL open whether you have 12 or 1200 people  attend.

Later, we’ll ask Steve if his event will be back next week or not, but the question will be even harder.  I don’t plan on tossing Sidewalk a few fluffy questions like “will you be playing old school J-Lo” or “have you picked out which black t-shirt and cargo pants combo you’ll wear”.  I want to dive in a bit deeper.

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NYC’s Pride Week ultimate party and events list! -Thursday 23rd!

OMG, is it Thursday aready?!? PRIDE is just around the corner! Kick off the celebrations tonight with as many of these parties as you can attend!

Take a look at this (still-growing, so check back later) list of what’s going on in and around NYC today. Click on the links for details (location and more) and make sure to read though, you may find special announcements!

Don’t forget to check our Events Calendar on the lower right corner of our page, and watch out for a full list of events for the rest of the week coming later!

***If you have any information on events we should feature please e-mail our Nightlife and Events Editor at andres@gaysocialites.com***







  • The GUTTER BOYS CLUB, a new monthly party of bowling, dancing and drinking presented by Joey Israel and Marco Ovando and featuring the extraordinaire Cazwell! Special performances and guests, drink secials and FREE bowling all night! 10pm NO COVER!


  • BASSMENT at Monster. Special Pride Launch Party! Legendary venue, special DJs and drink specials! NO COVER! Your weekly summer workout begins NOW!!! 10pm.



  • BoiParty.com‘s Gay Pride MEGA-EVENT at Campus Thursdays at Splash! 10pm. Special performances, great music, drink specials and LOTS of cute guys! Special discount for the Gay, Gorgeous and Twenty-Something boys!
    The hottest young gay dance party in NYC! -RECOMMENDED!


  • Bianca del Rio‘s Disaster Hour at Vlada (331 West 51st Street, between 8th and 9th Aves.) Show at 11pm. You never know what you’re going to get with Bianca! Best vodka in town!



  • FAGGOTR?NIC at Eastern Bloc. Horse Meat Disco album preview! $4 sick drinks all night! 10pm.


  • The Lady B.L.U.E. Show at Boots and Saddle at 10pm. Crazier than ever with special guestAmanda Poupon!


  • Marquee Thursdays with Dina Marie and the House of Delicious. 11pm. Always FREE, Always Bottle Service, Always Beautiful People that know how to do it best!! -RECOMMENDED!



  • Queen at Industry with Shequida with DJ David Serrano! 11pm.



  • Star Search with Mimi Imfurst at Barracuda. Special Pride Edition at 10pm.


  • Vicious at the R Bar. Come take a walk on the wild side! 10pm. (Amaing visuas by Holly Daggers!)






  • ORGULLO 4, the 4th Annual Latino Gay Pride! 9pm at Feathers in River Edge. Todo especial! (Special everything!)










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