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"Born This Way" Tattoo Shows Support for Bisexual Son (VIDEO)

matching tatoos

Lady Gaga would be proud.  An Italian father decided to get a “Born This Way” tattoo in Italian to show support and love for his bisexual son.  The son already has the tattoo in English so now they both match.  The daughter decided to post the video up on youtube and provided the following description:

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Lady Gaga's You and I Video REVEALED!


Lady Gaga’s new video for her song “You and I” has the lady done up about seven different ways and surrounded by sexy men, leather-strapped ladies, and her own sexy Gaga-Esque self.

It’s also got the sex scene you always wanted between Ariel and Prince Eric as well as Gaga making out with her male persona Joe Calderone.

Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

Lady Gaga goes Private but Public on Tumblr


Lady Gaga has never been one to keep things private from her little monsters, so that’s why we’re not shocked that she posted a photo of herself in the latrine on her brand new Tumblr blog. At least she’s not actually “using” the facilities! Toilet chic is what Gaga is going for and while it’s unorthodox like the singer herself, it’s not as questionable as it might seem.

Gaga’s marine blue armpit hair from the MuchMusic Awards makes a reprise, as she holds her arm over her head. Her other hand is in more precarious spot, touching herself below the belt. She’s only PG-rated there, if you catch our drift.

Gaga’s also wearing a black bra and her hair in a turquoise blunt bob with bangs. She’s obviously in a hotel bathroom, since there’s a phone in it and she is racing around the globe promoting ‘Born This Way.’ Overall, though, she looks ghetto fabulous and dirty glam.

Premiere: Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory!


Finally we have a new music video from Lady Gaga for The Edge of Glory, the third single (produced byFernando Garibay) off her latest album, Born This Way.

The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who previously collaborated with Gaga on videos for Eh Eh and LoveGame. It also features saxophone player Clarence Clemons (of Bruce Springsteen‘s E-Street Band fame) who sadly suffered a stroke this past Monday.

Watch the music video below, and let us know what you think! Is this one of Gaga’s best videos?

Lebanon says NO to Gaga’s Born This Way!


According to the latest entertainment news, Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ did not get any love in Lebanon. The Lebanese authorities seized thousands of copies after the album was declared banned in the country. Despite getting good reviews in the States, Lady Gaga’s album was banned in Lebanon due to the lyrics, which they considered “offensive to Christianity.”

But Lebanon isn’t the only nation that’s gone anti-Gaga, her new album’s title track was banned from all the radio stations in Malaysia because they believed the song was “promoting homosexuality.” Many Christians all over the world have also reacted negatively towards Lady Gaga’s latest single, ‘Judas’, due to its alleged anti-Christian message.

We all know Lady Gaga likes to shock people. But has she gone too far? Give us your thoughts on this!

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