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Gay Pride 2014 at a glance [photos]

Gay Pride 2014 photo wrap up

These are some of the photos that GaySocialites shared with us from this weekend as cities all over the globe celebrated gay pride 2014.   No matter what city you were in, everyone seemed to be having a gay ole time!

Here are the highlights [and photo descriptions/ credits]:

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Justin + 1: WORK IT, BITCH! A Gay Boy's Guide to Kick-Ass Networking

A lot of people are often impressed by how I network. While I won’t brag about much, I will allow myself some credit on my art of bringing people together. Some of my biggest accomplishments in the past few years have shocked even me both as they were happening, and in hindsight.

I’ve brought international pop stars to my events, world-renown porn stars to my parties. I’ve been instrumental in some pretty big things in basically every industry.

And now, I’m going to teach you how to do it, too. Why? Because the world gets better with networking, and I’m not convinced that people who teach others how to network are teaching them the right things.

Allow me to give you a few tips on networking… or, as I prefer to call it, making Big Shit happen…

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Justin + 1: 40+ Gay Boys Singing in Their Underwear!

I am very proud of my latest video project that I did in my spare time. And it seems like people are enjoying it, too!

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Justin + 1: SMFD – The Four Reasons People Work in Gay Nightlife

Have you ever wanted to get into nightlife, gay or otherwise? I’d like to ask you why. I’m very, very curious.

From my past 3+ years of experience in this colorful and blaring loud world, I think I’ve figured something out: the FOUR core reasons that people get involved in it. From what I can tell, EVERY person in nightlife is involved in it for TWO of these reasons. One is the CORE reason, and the other is the SECONDARY or SUPPORTING reason.

Want to debate me, and add another? Leave a comment or write to me. I’d love to discuss.
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