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Business spotlight: Anchors To Dusk Publishing

By Joseph Federico, Founder –¬†Anchors to Dusk Publishing

Business Spotlight: Anchors To Dusk Publishing

Once upon a time, I was an eager editorial intern at M. Evans and Company, Inc. After several weeks of training, I climbed to the top, and was offered a temporary position as editorial assistant, and my life changed. No, really … it did. The only thing that stopped me, was heading back to school in the fall, however, I was forever changed by the literary bug that bit me during the summer of 2005.

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Call for Teenage Feminist Bloggers

Do you identify as a girl? Are you into feminism? And do you blog?

If the answer is yes, then you could participate in a research/book project about girlhood, feminism, and blogging. This research is being done by Jessalynn Keller, an extremely awesome student at the University of Texas at Austin. It will form her PhD dissertation and then be transformed into a book about girl feminist bloggers and contemporary feminisms, with an anticipated a publication date sometime in early 2014.

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