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Blogger Bristol Palin is a stupid bitch!

Bristol Palin inducted into GaySocialites.com's Stupid BItches Club

Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, is a blogger now.  The receptionist-turned-reality competitor-turned-public speaker blogs her conservative views as a 21 year old single mother who gave birth to a son three years ago out of wedlock after undergoing pubic scrutiny for being a teen mother.  After using her blog to promote her homophobic agenda earlier this week (and take an inadvertent jab at herself), Bristol Palin is also officially a stupid bitch!

In the aforementioned blog, that runs on Patheos.com, Palin blasted President Barack Obama for saying that his wife and teen daughters helped him “evolve” on gay marriage, and issue he announced his support for on Wednesday.

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Hillary Clinton welcomes bloggers who spoof her texts to State Department

When people find out that I’m the creator of GaySocialites.com, I often hear “why didn’t I think of that?”  Now, I’m saying the same thing after discovering “Texts from Hillary Clinton”, a Tumblr site that blogs about what texts from Hillary Clinton might sound like.

On Tuesday, Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith took up an invite by Secretary Clinton to visit with her at the State Department.

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