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Big Brother Round Table- Weeks 3 and 4

Big Brother Round Table

It is that time of week again, folks!  I’ve once gathered GaySocialites.com’s Big Brother super fans to discuss our thoughts on the third and fourth weeks of Big Brother 17 on CBS.  A lot has happened since Charles Winters and Cody White last joined me to weigh in on the season, so we’re mixing up the format a little bit.

Let’s eavesdrop on our panelists as they discuss Big Brother 17. (Okay, so it’s a transcript you’ll be reading, but I couldn’t pass up on a chance to poke fun at Julie Chen!

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BB17’s Clay Honeycutt nude in shower

Clay Honeycutt nude shower

One of the highlights for all Big Brother fans is to catch their favorite hotties getting naked for the cameras.  This year, we here at GaySocialites.com have our eyes set on Clay Honeycutt.

So far, we haven’t seen much.  However, this past week Clay decided to strip down for a nude shower in the Big Brother 17 Head of Household shower.

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Big Brother 17 Round Table: Weeks 1 & 2


Throughout the run of Big Brother 17 Gaysocialites.com‘s Christopher Dellea, Cody White and Charles Winters will be discussing their opinions of the week and how they feel about the house guests’ game play. We hope you’ll join in the conversation with us. Now, let’s get the first Big Brother Round Table started! Here are our thoughts on the game so far.

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Big Brother 17: Jace streaking uncensored


Big Brother 17 Jace streaks through house.

If you caught Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 17 then you already know Jace Agolli streaked through the house and backyard for some unenthused houseguests.  CBS, of course, censored all of the good parts.  There is, however, an uncensored version on the web.

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Big Brother 17’s Clay Honeycutt naked?


Big Brother 17 Clay Honeycutt sleeps naked

Who knew it would happen so quickly this year?!  We normally have to wait for a few weeks before the Big Brother houseguests get comfortable enough to get naked on camera.  However, this year’s star hottie Clay Honeycutt is already showing it off.

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