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"City Nights" finds itself at 'This Ambitious Show'

Tucked away on a side street close to Metropolitan Avenue in an industrial section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn there lies a building that goes by the name of The House of Yes. While seemingly donning a name of an everything-goes speak-easy, this spot was home to an event presented by Lady Circus and This Ambitious Orchestra on Friday night: This Ambitious Show. If one is unfamiliar with such an event it could be labeled anything from a music revue to an acrobatics event and everything in between. One of the most enjoyable points of the night was I got “Doris Day-type parking.” That’s right… across the street. Another bonus for the venue is that you can pretty much bring in anything you want in regards to alcohol. Just be polite; let them know at the door and toss your bartender a few extra bucks for a tip. Don’t be such a cheapie, queen.
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"City Nights" boogies at 'Oh! You Pretty Things' BOWIE-ELVIS Birthday Bash'

It sucks being fashionable in the dead of winter here in New York City. I’m one of those individuals who will suck it up when it’s thirty degrees out just so I could wear a polyester 70’s reject prom tuxedo. But, this is ridiculous. “Christ, these nipples could cut glass right now,” I spouted to the girl waiting in line behind me. The things we all do for a fabulous event and this one was well worth it. Sunday night saw Le Poisson Rouge invaded for Oh! You Pretty Things’ “BOWIE-ELVIS Birthday Bash” presented by Michael T, Benjamin Ickies, Shien Lee, Twig the Wonderkid, and Laura Rebel Angel. Woof! Yes, a lot of names came out to bring us this flawless event and that’s not counting the hosts, performers, artists, and attendees in general who all arrived dressed to the nines.

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