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Brandon Voss events announces new weekly Friday party in NYC

Brandon Voss introduces new party called Berlin Fridays in NYC NYC

New York City nightlife event promoter Brandon Voss is coming back to Friday nights with a new weekly party called Berlin.

Long-time Voss party patrons will, however, see some similarities between Berlin and some of his past events.  You might recognize the venue, some DJ’s and even his co-promoters… but you’ve never seen them all combined into one big event.

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20 questions about ANYTHING with "20Somethings" DJ Steve Sidewalk

New York’s gay nightlife industry is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts, if you will.  My generation, now the 30-somethings, partied under the lights at Manhattan’s biggest mega clubs like the Tunnel, Limelight, Sound Factory, Roxy, Twilo… the list goes on-and-on.   Today’s 20Somethings will never get the chance to experience the same type of things that I did a decade ago when I was their age.   And though their experience may be much different, I hope their memories are just as fabulous.

To ensure that each generation gets their day on the dance floor, gay club owners and promoters are tasked with an ever changing profession.  They’re always on a feat to make the next function stand out as the social soiree of the season.  All while hoping they aren’t suddenly “out” like Heidi Klum watching Tim Gunn hosted more shows than she has little Seals.

In this “GaySocialites.com presents…” I’m sitting down with DJ Steve Sidewalk who made a ballsy move last Thursday in an attempt to liven things up a little in New York’s gay nightlife scene.   He stepped away from his residency at one of New York City’s longest running gay nightclubs where he works with a promoter who clearly has his finger on the pulse of his target demo and vacated a party that has shown him at least a half decade of success. Uncertain what the future might hold, Steve was (needless to stay) excited to see that over one thousand New York gays had come out to support their 20something opening.

As Steve and promoter Justin Luke prepare for their second night, GaySocialites.com has learned that there may not be a third.  Evidently the  20something crowd isn’t made up of as many heavy drinkers as one might think.  Lower than normal liquor sales combined with the cheaper weekday cover charge just doesn’t seem to reach the numbers needed to keep a club the size of XL open whether you have 12 or 1200 people  attend.

Later, we’ll ask Steve if his event will be back next week or not, but the question will be even harder.  I don’t plan on tossing Sidewalk a few fluffy questions like “will you be playing old school J-Lo” or “have you picked out which black t-shirt and cargo pants combo you’ll wear”.  I want to dive in a bit deeper.

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EXCLUSIVE: XL Nightclub in NYC is getting a new Thursday night weekly party

Earlier this morning, GaySocialites.com told you about the changes already taking place at New York City’s newest nightlife attraction, XL Nightclub.  In “I Heard…”, you learned of a new Thursday night event.  Now, GaySocialites.com can exclusively report the details of this new weekly party and take a look at the controversies that may lie ahead.

GaySocialites.com has learned that the new Thursday night at XL Nightclub will be called “20Something”, and the guys behind it are already familiar names if you party on Thursday nights in Chelsea.  “20 Something” is the brainchild of Justin Luke and Steve Sidewalk who currently work at Splash for Campus Thursdays, a long-running twinky affair brought to you by Alan Picus and BoiParty.com.

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I heard… Its already out with the old and in with the new at XL Nightclub in NYC

I heard… An ear full of gossip from multiple sources about the second coming of nightlife God, John Blair, and his bran new XL nightclub in Times Square underneath the new Out NYC Urban Resort.  I’m gonna dish out a heaping helping of the scoop, but I’m not one to repeat for gossip… so you better listen close the first time.

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Charles On… the grand opening of XL Nightclub in NYC

This weekend could be a much needed turning point for New York City nightlife as XL Nightclub opens at the new OUT NYC Urban Resort.  John Blair and Beto Sutter are teaming up with Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabaio in an attempt to revive New York City’s dance scene.  Their theme is “It’s all about the music,” and their diverse rundown signifies just that!

As you’ll hear in my State of Gay Nightlife Address on Sunday night, New York’s nightclub scene is in bad shape.  Until now, no real dance venue has held a spot in New York’s gay community since the closing of such powerhouse venues as Roxy, Limelight and the Tunnel.  Hopefully, this new team of nightlife titans will be able to bring things back to life.  If anyone can do it, it is these guys!

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