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GaySocialites Valentine’s Day Guide 2015

GaySocialites.com Valentine's Day Guide 2015 recap.

Over the past week, GaySocialites.com has provided you with loving team coverage in the GaySocialites Valentine’s Day Guide 2015 with advice, tips, savings, music and our picks for a hot Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a look at what we suggest.  We hope it helps you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What’s love got to do with it??


robbyne kaamil
It is that time of the year again when we get bombarded with commercials encouraging us to buy ugly oversized teddy bears, dry ass candy, unimpressive flower bouquets, cheap wine and a whole bunch of other shit that nobody needs for people who we no longer want to fuck. Valentine’s Day has become just like Christmas – an over commercialized event that only provides an opportunity for retailers and greeting card companies to increase their bottom lines.

It is no longer about love – if it ever was. Everyone feels pressured to buy shit or to splurge on a dinner that most of us can’t afford. You can’t even find a cheap $20 dinner for 2 on Groupon any more. We are half way through the month. Most bitches are broke right now. The mortgage, rent, utility bill, car note, cell phone payments will be do in two weeks – March 1. We are all stressed out trying to find a job or hang on the three part time jobs we have. It is hustle and grind every minute of the day. Most of us can’t get a good night sleep. So many of us are one paycheck away from a food stamp application and the homeless shelter. The Ambien, Xanex and the good weed from Ray-Ray don’t work anymore. I am currently on my third shot of tequila as I write this which is helping to take off the edge. We are in deep survival mode. Who has time to be running around shopping for shit for Valentine’s Day?

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Bi now, gay later

GaySocialites Valentine's Guide 2015: Advice column bi now, gay later programGAYSOCIALITES VALENTINE’S GUIDE 2015

I’ve been with GaySocialites.com for almost three years now.  I love it.  I work as a reporter, commentator and the Executive Assistant to our CEO and Founding Editor Charles Winters.  I also earn college internship credit.  Who could ask for anything more?!

The thing is, I don’t identify as gay.  Maybe this is my coming out moment.  Maybe I will answer some of my own questions about my sexuality before the end of this posting, but I’ve been tagged here at GaySocialites.com as being on the “bi now, gay later program” (a pun on the buy now, pay later program…. of course).  That’s because I classify myself as being bi-sexual.

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Tips for a steamy Valentine’s Day


Tips for a romantic and steamy Valentine's Day

It’s somewhat ironic that I was assigned to write an article about how to make your Valentine’s Day more steamy and romantic. That’s because a few years ago I was voted the most UN-romantic woman in Knoxville (where I live).  My husband had gotten me a cherry computer table for Christmas that year, so for Valentines Day I wanted the file cabinet to match.  It sounded practical and completely logical to me.  Well, apparently the rest of Knoxville thought it was un-romantic, my hubby included.

So, here I am a few years later offering ideas for a romantic Valentines Day.  I’ve actually been having problems thinking of something myself so I searched high and low on the internet to find some unique ideas that haven’t been over done.

Here are some creative ideas that I found:

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Advice: Dating in the closet


GaySocialites Valentine's Guide Advice: Dating in the Closet

Clearly, I’m not in the closet.  Well, I have a very large room in my apartment (it’s actually an un-used bedroom) where I go to pick out my outfit for the day, but I have been openly gay for over a decade now.  However recently, I’ve been “seeing” a guy who is in the closet.  No, this isn’t one of my typical gossip rag articles where I am about to “out” this guy.  Instead, I’d like to sound off on what it is like to be the gay guy who is dating someone who in the closet.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

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