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Reality TV is Nothing but Satan Scripted Shows!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions within this article are soley the views of Shealita Babay and do not represent the opinions of GaySocialites.com, Charles Winters Information Management or likely anyone else alive. Should you take offense to items within please send all hate mail to shealita@gaysocialites.com and/ or leave comments to the right of the story.


My Friends and Fellow Christians, we live in a nasty sin filled time, and we as a collective must stand up and say “No More!” This is a nation where the homosexual runs free to do whatever they please while no one protects the child. Men turning into women and Women turning into Men! The obscenities and vulgarity that is spewed into our mainstream media makes me vomit profusely. You look at the Television light Box and you will see nothing but the lowest and foulest creatures from Hell telling your Kids it’s okay to be this way because they were “Born This Way.” No Thanks, Ms. Germ. Our core values in this country have gone astray and saddled up right by the side of Dark Lord Satan!

The biggest liberal propaganda spewer is Reality TV, which I have a problem with because I do not find it to be Reality nor is it TV. For me watching Reality TV is awkward and uncomfortable. These people that they have portraying their “real lives” are nothing more than sick, pathetic, delusional scum suckers! Even if this is really how these people are in their daily lives, why do we honor them, watch them, idolize them? These are the same people that we cut out of our family that are backstabbers, liars, cheaters, and scumbags. There are three shows in particular that rile me up because they are just so mind numbingly retarded. These despicable shows are Basketball Wives, The Kardashians, and The A List. Frankly I don’t care if they have millions of views or a huge fan base. You don’t have to be good/talented/interesting to have a lot of people to like you, just look at Katy Perry.

Basketball Wives is a particularly predictable and rather pointless time slot on the air. This show is about the women that are married, or were once married to basketball players. Right off the bat, who gives a fuck? But I will trudge forward through this horseshit sandwich.  I was watching this horrendous show the other night and I was baffled on why people take the time out of their day to watch this garbage, how can someone get excited to see this? Throughout the whole episode all I saw was women who are irrelevant getting into fights, mind you these are Grown Adults! These “women” are carrying on like children, dressed like afternoon shift Strippers, and are rough looking. There was one particular woman that stood out and her name was Jackie. This middle aged woman is married to some basketball player who I do not know or not care to find out, and she carries out like a snake while she backstabs and lies to everyone. Mind you, this is supposed to be “Reality TV”, and if this is reality, this woman is a sick despicable woman, so why put her on TV? This type of bullshit upsets me because you have children watching this shit. These types of people should not be endorsed or promoted, because then you have the youth seeing this and thinking that it’s okay because “Jackie is a bad ass bitch.” No she’s just a dumb Cunt, who would have nothing and be nothing if she weren’t married to some overpaid basketball player.

The A-List,  this show is a Complete and ACCURATE depiction of every homosexual in America, and across the world, even the skinny ones in Africa that have flies on them as accessories. There is nothing of value to this show because it’s loosely based off of “The Housewives” shit series, and it’s filled with queeny drama and very loud flamboyant bottoms. This show proves that there are no average normal homosexual, every one of them is filled to the brim with pathetic and over the top drama over the smallest things, which is why you see so many faint when they hear the word, “vagina.” They are just Nasty Disgusting Godless Demons.  I’m just glad they are tackling the real issues involving their “community of sock suckers” such as dating/hooking up, sales on shoes, drinking/clubbing. Lord knows that we wouldn’t want to shed some light on their problems of HIV/AIDs, STDS, Societies continued “injustice” of them and their chosen lifestyles, not being able to Wed or adopt children. Though honestly, I’m glad they can’t adopt children, we all know what those “parents” do to those poor defenseless children, they brain wash them and turn them gay. I know this must be true because my Pastor told me on Sunday.

Oh the Kardashians, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more undeserving group of famous attention seekers. It’s just funny to me that this family is even relevant. I’m curious on why they are famous and held up to such a high standard buy the Retarded States of America? The reason why anyone knows Kim is because Brandy’s Brother Ray J fucked her in a homemade movie. That’s it, that’s what you built your empire on? You built being famous on your little girl taking a dick from a “celeb,” which I use that term very generously in regards to Ray J. We gave a Whore a TV show, and treat her like a princess, why? She isn’t talented, isn’t interesting, she’s a dumb, vapid, boring bitch that can take a dick. That’s Fantastic. Let’s throw an EMMY at her because of her groundbreaking life, bitch please. The only one in that family that I have some respect for was Bruce Jenner, only because he won Olympic gold. That poor guy just looks like he’s uncomfortable every time he’s on camera.  Everyone else in that family would break a Down Syndrome toddlers neck on TV if they thought that it would garner some high ratings. Everything that Kim/Khloe/Kris do is calculated and fake, and people buy into it and eat the pile of shit that is served to them. You actually have people feeling bad for Kim because she got divorced? Why? It was 72 days of planned actions, they waited till the right moment to get a divorce, and she was wearing an old ring that she stated that Kris Humphries bought for her, which in reality was given to her a long time ago. You could tell that this was a publicity stunt when she started tweeting her doubts to her fans on twitter, like bitch no one that is serious about something like getting married would do something like what you did. Then you had Kim’s mom doing the unnecessary media tour to every news/media show, to let us rest assured that Kim is doing okay. Who cares, and why are you on Tour talking about this?  People like her need to realize that they are not News Worthy and are not that serious. They only exist because dumb people need to have keys dangled in their face for amusement. It was obviously a publicity stunt that went too Far and clearly had a fucking huge payout for them, and they say they didn’t receive a dime for the wedding, shady Cunt. Then again if you don’t think anyone can do shit that stupid for a little bit of Attention, then I direct you to Google Beyonce and her fake Pregnancy Belly, and if it’s not fake, then she should explain why her pregnant belly was the only one to fold in the middle as she sat down. But I digress about that crazy bitch.

In closing, before I put my fist through the computer in rage, Reality TV is nothing but shit and tries to come off as Champagne. It always has been shit and will continue to be shit unless we, the viewers, turn the channel and watch something better, or dare I say…READ A BOOK (preferably the Bible), go outside, go to church and praise White Jesus, go spend time with your friends and I don’t mean on FACEBOOK!  Its TV shows like these that keeps pumping the Youths minds that they need to be a whore to become famous , for example “16 and Pregnant”. We need to teach the Youth that they are better than the scum that litters our streets and alleyways. When did we allow our youth to think and believe that it’s okay to reach for the very last ring on the ladder and settle? Why do people shoot for the middle or close to the bottom of the barrel in life and convince themselves that they are happy? Our Youth Deserve a much better sense of Empowerment and Entertainment in this fine country. I, for one, am sick of shit of what TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and every other “news” program try to cram down our throats and telling us what to Watch and who to Idolize. Well I will tell you who we should praise and Idolize, and his name is Jesus Christ. To end this Awful reign of Reality TV I suggest we give The Lord a Sacrifice, and that Sacrifice should be Snookie. Burn her at the Stake!


DISCLAIMER: The opinions within this article are soley the views of Shealita Babay and do not represent the opinions of GaySocialites.com, Charles Winters Information Management or likely anyone else alive. Should you take offense to items within please send all hate mail to shealita@gaysocialites.com and/ or leave comments to the right of the story.

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