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Dallas is getting a male version of Hooters

Tallywackers restaurant

A new restaurant is coming to the Dallas area that is the exact opposite of the Hooters dining experience.  Instead of big breasted women serving you up, it will be barely dressed men who will deliver your food and provide live entertainment.  If you’re in the Dallas area and looking for a job, they’re hiring.

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Grove Hotel owner comments on fire

Fire Island Cherry Grove Hotel burned by fire

As first reported on Friday, a fire swept through Cherry Grove on Fire Island in the early morning hours leveling several buildings located in the gay vacation destination.  The blaze destroyed the Grove Hotel, and the owner has issued a statement confirming that the Ice Palace nightclub was spared from the fire and thanking those who helped minimize the damage.

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Fire destroys several buildings in Fire Island’s Cherry Grove


Cherry Grove Fire Island Fire

A fire swept the Cherry Grove section of Fire Island early Friday morning destroying several buildings including two popular gay vacation destinations, the Grove Hotel and Ice Palace.

UPDATE: has learned that the Ice Palace nightclub was not destroyed and may have only  suffered smoke damage.  The owners of the club are evidently waiting for access to the venue to survey the damage.  We will keep you posted!

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Fire Island Pines has new owners

Fire Island Pines Sold

The Fire Island Pines, a popular gay travel destination in New York, went on the auction block Thursday.  Now, the resort has some new owners.

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It’s Christmas Time on the Upper East Side [photos]


Christmas Time on the Upper East Side by‘s consumer expert, Donna Winters, challenged us all to get out and enjoy Christmas Time in the City.  Late last week, Charles Winters took us on a tour of the holiday decor that Lower Manhattan had to offer.  Now that I’m back in New York City for Winter break, I wanted to take you on a tour of my neighbor- Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

That’s my building above.  They always go all out with the Christmas Decorations.  We’ve got wreaths and flowers all throughout the lobby as well as more Christmas trees than you can count, including this one above the front doorway.

Here are some more pictures of Christmas decorations on Manhattan’s Upper East Side:

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