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Cruz event leads to call for boycott of Out Hotel, Fire Island Pines

Ted Cruz and Mati Weiderpass

Earlier this week a reception for Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was held at the home of Mati Weiderpass [pictured above] and Ian Reisner, two prominent gay hoteliers in New York City.  Now, members of the LGBT community are calling for a boycott of such gay hot spots as the Out Hotel and the Fire Island Pines.  That’s because Cruz has taken such an anti-gay stance while Weiderpass and Reisner are owners of these gay destinations.

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Bobby Jindal’s anti-gay marriage editorial

Bobby Jindal editorial piece anti-gay marriage

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal penned an editorial for The New York Times tiled “I’m Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage” Thursday.  In the piece he warns that he will protect the right of organizations who feel gay marriage is against their religious beliefs.

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Freedom to Marry starts Love Must Win campaign

Freedom to marry #LoveMustWin campaign

As the United States Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments that could bring marriage equality nationwide, Freedom to Marry is starting an online campaign with #LoveMustWin.

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State Republican Party invites Log Cabin Republicans to conference after they were uninvited

Western Conservative Summit

The Colorado Republican Party has invited the Log Cabin Republicans to join them at their booth for the upcoming Western Conservative Summit after the gay GOP group was uninvited to set up by the conference organizers.

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Kentucky judge strikes gay marriage ban

Judge rules Kentucky gay marriage ban is unconstitutional

A judge in Kentucky ruled this week that the state’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional, but gay couples must wait until the Supreme Court issues their ruling to find out whether or not they will be allowed to legally marry.

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