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Florida Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage ban

Florida gay marriage ban

The Florida Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday that it will decide if the Florida gay marriage ban is unconstitutional.

The state’s 2nd District Court of Appeals asked Florida’s highest court to settle the issue due to “great public importance.”

According to the Associated Press:

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Indiana, Wisconsin judges lean toward gay marriage

Wisconsin, Indiana could be next to legalize gay marriage.

It looks like Indiana and Wisconsin could be the next states to legalize gay marriage.  Judges heard arguments defending the gay marriage bans in both states on Tuesday.  One of the judges, a Republican appointee, even compared the bans to laws that once prevented interracial marriage.

The Associated Press reports,

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Virginia gay marriage ban up to SCOTUS

Will the Supreme Court get involved in the ruling on Virginia gay marriage ban

Supporters of gay marriage in Virginia asked the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on Monday not to stand in the way of a court ruling that would allow same-sex couples to start tying the knot later this month.

Reuters is reporting:

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Virginia gay marriage could begin soon

Virginia is for all lovers.

A federal appeals court denied a request on Wednesday to stay a decision by a judge made last month that clears the way for gay marriage in Virginia.  That means same-sex couples could be tying the knot as soon as August 20th.

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TN judge upholds gay marriage ban

[Editor's note:  The first part of the article below reports the news of a judges decision to uphold the ban on gay marriage in Tennessee.  The second part of this article is the author's opinion. The latter is distinctly marked as such.]

Tennessee gay marriage ban supported by Roane County Judge

A Tennessee judge has ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage and that the constitution of the United States does not protect a same-sex couple’s right to get married.

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