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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory will enforce gay marriage

north carolina governor pat mccrory says he will enforce gay marriage ruling

Now that the courts have legalized gay marriage in North Carolina, Republican Governor Pat McCrory is backing down from his opposition on the issue.

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Gay Marriage is legal in Alaska

Alaska Gay Marriage Legal

A judge has ruled that Alaska’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional making that state the latest with marriage equality.

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Utah, Nevada legalize gay marriage

Gay Marriage legal in Nevada and Idaho.

Gay marriage is sweeping across the country following a decision by the United States Supreme Court not to hear any appeals that shot down gay marriage bans in the 4th Circuit Court.  Now, gay couples in Utah and Nevada have the green light to legally tie the knot after a judge blocked the states from performing same-sex marriages earlier in the week.

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Gay marriage legal in North Carolina

North Carolina legalizes  gay marriageA federal judge in Asheville shot down North Carolina’s gay marriage ban on Friday shortly after 5pm clearing the way for same-sex couples to start getting married immediately.

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Gay marriage blocked in Nevada, Idaho

Justice Anthony Kennedy blocks Gay Marriage in Nevada Idaho

Gay couples in Nevada and Idaho were almost granted the right to marry until a United States Supreme Court justice put a temporary stay on a lower court decision that declared the gay marriage bans in each state as unconstitutional.

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